Apple brings a full-featured Passwords app to the Mac, iPhone, iPad and Windows


The rumors are true. Apple is to many of its operating systems. This includes macOS, iPadOS, visionOS and iOS. It’ll even work on Windows by accessing the Windows app via iCloud. That’s pretty neat. There are way too many passwords out there.

The first-party service is powered by iCloud Keychain and will compete with some heavy hitters in the space, like LastPass and 1Password. The simply-named Passwords app will be able to list various user logins and categorize them based on service type. For instance, banking passwords would be grouped differently than social media passwords. The app will also allow users to bypass manual password input by leveraging Face ID, Touch ID and autofill.

It’s worth noting that Apple already had a password manager, but it’s not exactly beloved and has been buried in the settings page. This new app, however, is quite a compelling option for those tied into the Apple ecosystem. The company didn’t say if the app was free or if it would require a monthly subscription.

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