iOS 18 gets a revamped Control Center and loads of home screen customization options


WWDC is always where we learn about the year’s biggest updates to Apple’s operating systems. Given that the iPhone is Apple’s most important product, it’s no surprise that iOS takes up a major chunk of the attention each June. WWDC 2024 is no exception, as Apple had a ton of new features and updates to go over, many of which concerned AI (or Apple Intelligence, as the company is calling it).

First up, Apple focused on customization. You’ll be able to make the home screen look more like your own vibe than ever. You’ll be able to change the colors of app icons, which can automatically get a different look when you have Dark Mode enabled. Your apps won’t need to be locked within a rigid grid anymore either. Your home screen can look almost as messy as you want.

Control Center is getting some big changes. You’ll be able to access things like media playback and smart home controls from here. Developers will be able to take advantage of this and offer Control Center management for their apps too. It’ll be possible to pin custom controls to the home screen for your most frequently used apps and functions (so you’ll be able to switch out the flashlight control for something else, for instance). Custom controls can also be mapped to the physical action button as you see fit.

When it comes to Messages, there’s another nice update in the form of scheduling. When you’re catching up on things late at night, you’ll be able to time a message to send in the morning, for instance.


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