Instagram now lets users livestream exclusively to their Close Friends list


Instagram is introducing the ability for users to broadcast live to just their Close Friends list, the company announced on Thursday. The new “Close Friends on Live” feature allows users to go live with up to three other people.

Instagram says the new feature can be used to share what’s on your mind, spontaneously catch up with friends, share memes, plan trips, do homework together or just hang out casually in real time.

While Instagram launched live broadcasts back in 2016, they were always meant to be public and open to everyone who follows you. The feature is widely used by celebrities and influencers as a way for them to connect with fans. For regular users, the idea of going live to everyone who follows you may not be appealing.

With this new feature, Instagram is giving users the option to have control over who can see their broadcast, which could entice people who haven’t used the feature in the past to check it out.

The launch of the new feature indicates that Instagram is continuing its push toward more private and curated connections on its platform.

Late last year, the company introduced a status feature called Notes to allow users to update their real-world friends using just text and emoji. Users can post a Note that will appear at the top of their friends’ inboxes for 24 hours. Instagram sees the feature as a way for users to start conversations with their friends in a lightweight and private way.

As Instagram becomes increasingly associated with influencers and ads, it makes sense for the social network to release features for regular users who miss the early days of Instagram, when the platform was about connecting with your real-life friends.

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