Give Treasure, Reap Reward: Jerre Stead


This week, “Money, Meet Meaning” speaks with Jerre Stead, who, together with his wife, Mary Joy, has given over $400 million to health care, education and faith-based organizations. Jerre, a former CEO of 10 public companies, shares about the work and joy of giving, and the ways his faith has informed his business acumen and philanthropy.  

 Plus, Jerre shares:

  • 2 questions he’s asked himself every morning since high school
  • 3 Ts that, if shared, will increase your ability to enjoy life
  • 5 fundamentals, taken straight from the Bible, that he used to build up his businesses

 Jerre Stead co-chairs the Stead Foundation with his wife, Mary Joy, and is the board chair of Stead Impact Ventures, which invests in innovators whose ideas will positively change the course of health and well-being. 

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