DDG Responds To Negative Comments About Baby Halo (WATCH)


DDG is clapping back at social media users who shared negative comments about his and Halle Bailey‘s son, Baby Halo.

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DDG Claps Back For Baby Halo

On Thursday, July 4, DDG apparently took to social media to respond to the negative comments. The first-time father explained that it’s been a “long, long, long six months” of keeping Halo out of the spotlight. Additionally, the rapper shared that he knows there’s “no baby more handsome” than his son.

“But I seen a few poor, broke, dirty, fat-back… on Instagram talking about my son, and it just — Ugh, it just makes me so angry and mad. But then I have to that realize my son is richer than them, and he has a more successful life — he’s in Italy at six months [old]. He’s been across the world — he’s been around the world already, and he’s only been living for six months… and they broke, poor… probably on welfare still, and they grown probably living with their momma…”

DDG concluded his sentiments by explaining that those with negative outlooks about his son should keep their feelings on the internet. Additionally, the rapper reiterated that he’s “overprotective” about his family and son.

Watch the new father’s spicy clapback below.

Social Media Weighs In

Social media users reacted to DDG’s clapback in The Shade Room’s comment section.

Instagram user @aije__ wrote, This why they was hiding the baby in the first place”

While Instagram user @oneradshawty added, this is why they were hiding him in the first place. people can say some NASTY things …. about a BABY at that.”

Instagram user @mishabrinkss wrote, There’s nothing wrong with that baby..people are so miserable”

While Instagram user @foreverava added, That baby is so adorable. People just love to troll”

Instagram user @itslildip wrote, If yall talk about people kids yall need to seek therapy immediately”

While Instagram user @quanieeee added, 😭😭😭😭😭 period!! Y’all deserve to get cussed out 🤷🏽‍♀️”

More Details On Baby Halo’s Big Reveal

As The Shade Room previously reported, DDG and Bailey revealed Baby Halo to the world earlier this week. At the time, the couple shared their own set of carousel photos from a family photoshoot captured in Italy.

Additionally, DDG doubled down on showing his son off by posting various videos of the infant.

DDG and Bailey revealed that they had welcomed the infant together in January, per The Shade Room.

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