Social network X (formerly Twitter) launched new top-up packs for its developer API program on Tuesday. These paid upgrades will allow developers to fetch roughly 10,000 posts for $100 if they hit their existing tier’s limit midway through the month.

Last year, Elon Musk curtailed free API access and released new paid tiers with the basic level starting at $100 per month. The company released a $5,000 per month Pro tier with higher limits later in the year.

Different developer API access tiers with their limits

Different developer API access tiers with their limits Image Credits: X/Twitter

However, there was no way for developers to fetch more tweets if they hit the limit for the month. They either had to wait it out or upgrade to a costlier tier.

With the new top-up launch, the social network said that there are also limits to the number of upgrades developers can purchase. Developers with basic tier are capped at 10 top-ups and developers with pro tier are capped at 5 top-ups per month.

X’s API changes impacted the third-party developer ecosystem massively and many tools such as Tracy Chou’s Block Party have pivoted to concentrate on other social platforms.

The company’s alternations to its API rules also impacted researchers and their ability to study the platform’s data. However, the company had to open up access to researchers in the EU because of the bloc’s Digital Services Act (DSA) rules.

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