Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev’s daughter, Radhe Jaggi, provided an update on her father’s health, assuring concerned individuals that he is recuperating swiftly. She conveyed via Instagram Stories on Wednesday that Sadhguru is in good condition and “recovering quickly.”

Sadhguru underwent emergency brain surgery at Apollo Hospital in Delhi due to severe swelling and bleeding in his brain. Sadhguru’s emergency surgery was necessitated by life-threatening bleeding in the skull, a situation that was successfully addressed at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital. Prime Minister Narendra Modi extended his well wishes to Sadhguru for a speedy recovery, underscoring the spiritual leader’s significant influence and widespread respect.

Sadhguru’s Instagram page also shared an update about his health. Doctors found that Sadhguru had been enduring severe headaches for the past four weeks, yet persisted with his demanding schedule, including participating in events like Mahashivratri. Despite an MRI revealing extensive brain bleeding on March 15, Sadhguru remained steadfast in his commitments, the update said.

On the morning of March 17, Sadhguru was urgently admitted to the hospital due to life-threatening brain swelling. Following an emergency surgery on the same day, Sadhguru’s recovery has been consistent and impressive, the update said.

Neurologist Dr. Vinit Suri, from Apollo Hospital, was quoted as saying: “We joked with him that we’ve done our part, but it’s your body that’s healing itself. The progress we’re witnessing exceeds our expectations. He’s now in excellent condition, with all brain, body, and vital parameters normal, and he’s making steady strides towards recovery.”

In a video shared on his Instagram account from his hospital bed, Sadhguru recounted his recent medical ordeal. He disclosed, “The Apollo hospital neurosurgeons cut through my skull to try and find something but found nothing — totally empty. So they gave up and patched it up. Here I am in Delhi with the patched-up skull but no damaged brain.”

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