Yes, tense roommate issues trump aliens and bombs. Anyone who has been annoyed with their roommates knows it’s true.

You can become so consumed with the fact someone ate your last yogurt without asking that a nuclear bomb could hit you, and you still wouldn’t be able to shake it.

So, it’s no surprise that D’Arcy and Asta are at odds. They are very different people who love one another a lot. That’s a recipe for disaster.

Resident Alien Season 3 Episode 6 was kind of a filler episode with bits of information affecting the overall season arc sprinkled in.

The full flavor of the episode was how those you love the most can be the most disappointing, and to that end, it worked very well.

D’Arcy Bloom has been doing a lot of self-reflection. She’s looking at her mistakes and holding herself to a new standard. Is she going too far? Probably. But it’s coming from a good place, so we won’t knock her for it.

Holding back her feelings for Elliot and losing him was a crushing blow. She realized too late how much he meant to her, and she doesn’t want anyone else to drift away.

She’s also seen the devastation her lies have caused, and she won’t do it anymore, no matter how unhinged she seems in the process.

To her credit, she told Ben what she knows about his abductions. Ben probably knows he’s been abducted, but who would be eager to address that? Kate is having issues coming to grips with it, and she wants to know why she’s been feeling so uneasy.

Sometimes, living in the dark is easier than facing hard facts.

Asta Twelvetrees can’t forgive herself for giving up Jay, and now that she has a chance to play mother to her daughter, that’s what she’s doing — playing.

Asta is afraid that if she acts like a mother to Jay rather than a friend, Jay will leave her just like Jay left her adopted mother for Asta. Teens are pains in the asses, but you can’t be overly permissive with them.

When Asta forgives herself, she’ll understand that mothering is more than being a pal. It’s setting goals and guiding someone to be their best. She’s more of a mother to Harry than she is to Jay.

D’Arcy sees that and calls her out on it, but it just makes things worse. I sometimes think the worst roommates are best friends because they are so close and know so much about each other that pushing buttons is too easy.

Do you want to risk your friendship over a container of yogurt? Of course not, but you do want to risk it over principles and feeling disrespected by someone you respect very much.

And Asta could be right that D’Arcy is revealing things not out of concern for those she tells but to ease her conscience. But she’s also backing up her actions by holding herself accountable for others’ wellbeing.

She didn’t tell Ben Hawthorne he’d been abducted only to walk away. She’s on the lookout for aliens milling around the house. But what happens if that bright light shines down on the Hawthorne house?

If Asta and D’Arcy are at odds with each other, at least they manage to work together for Harry Vanderspeigel’s benefit.

Love means nothing when you’re threatened. Joseph threatened Heather to help him, and although she felt icky about it, she didn’t hesitate.

They’re going to great lengths to control Harry’s silver ball to manipulate water.

Honestly, there is so much going on in that respect that I’m losing track of who is doing what and why.

Just how much power do The Grays have? Joseph Rainier admitted they were losing, which you’d never know with as quickly as Heather took his threats at face value.

Heather: Both of ’em sound like my sister’s girlchild.
Joseph: You have a niece called Knees?
Heather: Yeah, she’s my niece.
Joseph: How are we losing to you people?

Heather can create a portal to go anywhere, so why can’t she save her niece Knees, before The Grays do her harm?

The Grays are struggling to survive. They need humans and Harry’s technology; who knows what else they need to borrow to accomplish their goals. Why are people so afraid of them?

Will Kate Hawthorne’s returning memories provide some window into The Grays and how they operate? Will it reveal their vulnerabilities?

She’s on this journey for a purpose other than her own survival. What they know collectively will shed light on things those who haven’t been abducted and subjected to The Grays’ torture can’t assess.

If The Grays weren’t worried about what their victims could do to them, they wouldn’t go to such extremes to erase memories and implant new ones. Their secrecy and being hidden in the dark is their strength.

That’s compounded when people who have had experiences are treated as loons.

Liv Baker is one of the most intelligent people in any room, but she’s been scared to share what she experienced because people forget everything about her as soon as it’s revealed.

Who doesn’t love that Mike Thompson is helping Liv find her inner strength against such actions?

He’s witnessed how she crawls inside herself when her bitch of a Nana comes into view. Mike also recognizes some similarities in himself, such as how you are raised changes you.

Dan provided valuable insight into Mike’s toxic masculinity, and he used what he learned to help Liv recover some of her agency with regard to her Nana.

That witch has breezed through life, treating Liv like dirt. Did anyone care that she had a heart attack after getting a taste of her own medicine? Hey, at least Liv got the recipes she’s wanted for so long!

We all let love and lack of love affect us far more than it should. It can zap our confidence, make us forget more important endeavors, and view ourselves in a negative light.

I look forward to Harry getting back on track. His dalliance with Heather has been a hoot, but he lost himself and his direction. Why do we lose ourselves in the face of love?

That’s a question we’ll probably never answer.

What comes next?

Bridget has returned, and he’s gunning for Harry. What happened since he left that he wants to kill Harry?

I hope we see more of the little alien darting around outside of a human body. That little alien is just the cutest!

How will Resident Alien Season 3 end? The Grays can’t be defeated quickly, or what’s next?

How much gas is left in this story?

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