Nothing wants to emphasize that it’s all about the community, and thus it’s launched a new initiative today through which it invites its community to design, package, and customize a special edition of the Phone (2a). This “first-of-its-kind co-creation initiative” is called The Community Edition Project.

It will run over six months and four stages. Across this time frame, Nothing will collect community entries for the design of the special edition Phone (2a) – hardware, wallpapers, packaging, and marketing. The creators of the winning entries at each stage will “have the chance to collaborate directly with the Nothing Team as they bring their creations to life”, the company says.

It all starts on March 26 with the hardware design phase. You’ll be able to submit your entry on this website from that point on. The winner will collaborate with Nothing’s London-based industrial design team to bring their idea to life.

Stage two opens in May, and it’s all about wallpaper design for the special edition phone. The winning wallpaper collection will be preinstalled on the device. Then, in June, the packaging design stage will commence – Nothing says “this is the chance to craft a special unboxing experience that ties together the hardware and wallpaper design”.

The final stage starts in July and is all about marketing. To participate you need to ideate and submit a creative proposal for the marketing of the Phone (2a) Community Edition, with support from Nothing’s Brand & Creative team. All four category winners will be hosted by the Nothing team in London for the launch of the phone, showcasing how the winning ideas combined to create it.

Nothing co-founder and CEO Carl Pei said:

We believe in a future where the boundaries of what a company is and what the community is, will be erased and hopefully become the same thing. In the future, maybe the community can also contribute code to Nothing OS or maybe they can create other products with us. We’ve got to believe in people and in the democratization of information and knowledge. I think this is going to be a great opportunity to expand our community. This is a design and marketing co-creation project that I think will attract a lot of new creative minds. I’m excited to see what we are going to build together.

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