Angel Massey, the mother of ‘Zoey 101’ actor Christopher Massey, has shared some kind words for Dan Schneider days after the release of ‘Quiet On Set.’

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Here’s What Christopher Massey’s Mother Wrote To Dan Schneider

During the early hours of Thursday, March 21, Angel Massey took to her Instagram Story to share a photo of Dan Schneider. Additionally, the mother shared a few words for the former Nickelodeon producer.

“DAN SCHNEIDER… You are awesome. You are a genius,” she wrote. “I can’t thank this guy enough for the opportunity he gave my son @chrismasseytmb and my family…”

Furthermore, Angel Massey also shared strong words regarding the parents of fellow former Nickelodeon child stars.


Shortly after, the mother also took the time to share the Story post on her Instagram feed.

Social Media Reacts

Social media users had a lot of strong reactions to Angela Massey’s message to Schneider, which they shared in The Shade Room’s comment section.

Instagram user @_thedesmarie wrote, “Just because YOUR child wasn’t affected doesn’t mean he ain’t do anything…She belongs in hell like the rest of em”

While Instagram user @iamjaylynrenee added, He, himself literally said he owes people apologies for what he has done.”

Instagram user @shanshann812 wrote,Read the room. The option to say nothing was right there”

While Instagram user @mikvyla__ added, how are you thanking him and saying blame the parents in the breath?? clearly you know he was in the wrong whether the parents were able to intervene or not…”

Instagram user @sippingteawithsteph wrote, Has she even spoken to her son to see if he may have received the same experience or is she just looking at it from her point of view?”

While Instagram user @anti_s0cial added, She’s so wild for this”

Instagram user @_king.tay, “Odd hill to die on but okay”

To note, Christopher Massey has not publicly commented or endorsed his mother’s message. Furthermore, it appears that the Instagram account tagged in his mother’s post is deactivated.

A Brief Recap Of What Was Revealed In ‘Quiet On Set’ & How Dan Schneider Responded

As The Shade Room previously reported, the four-part docuseries ‘Quiet on Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV’ aired earlier this week. The series reportedly showed the “toxic and dangerous culture” of popular 90s and early 2000s kids TV shows.

During the series, former Nickelodeon actor Drake Bell revealed that he was sexually assaulted by the company’s dialogue coach, Brian Peck, at the age of 15.

Additionally, the documentary also explored allegations against Nickelodeon’s former producer, Dan Schneider. Schneider was accused of “sexualizing” children’s skits, creating an “uncomfortable” work environment, and even promoting racism.

Earlier this week, Schneider responded to the years-long allegations in a sitdown interview with another former Nick actor, Bobbie K. Bowman, per The Shade Room.

Ultimately, Schneider admitted to “[owing] some people a pretty strong apology” for his actions at Nick.

Schneider’s remarks apparently sat well with Angel Massey. However, Alexa Nikolas, who starred alongside Christopher Massey on ‘Zoey 101’ had a different reaction.

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