It’s been over six years since TNT’s The Librarians came to an end, but fortunately, there’s more on the way. 

The CW has its own spin on The Librarians, coming up with The Librarians: The Next Chapter. 

What’s coming next for The Librarians? Let’s take a look at what we know about the new series. 

How did The Librarians End? 

The series finale of The Librarians was bittersweet at the time that it aired. 

It had a happy ending, but it was the last episode of a beloved show. 

For a while, it seemed that Nicole Noone got her way in The Librarians Season 4 Episode 12, “The Echoes of Memory.”

The Library had been destroyed, and Eve was all alone with Flynn being held captive, her Librarians were gone, and Jenkins was dead. 

Eve did her best to keep her memory of the Library alive and set out on a journey to find her Librarians and Flynn before it was too late. 

In this new world, everything is controlled by the Company, including actions and thoughts, and there is no spice to life. 

However, there are hints to help Eve along the way, such as the tethering ring left in her pocket. 

The letters “TV” are engraved on the ring, and once she finds a TV, she finds a message from Flynn explaining what’s going on, and he tells her that she has to find him and the other Librarians before she forgets about them entirely. 

They can only restore the Library once everyone is back together, so Eve sets out on her journey to restore the Library and fix this broken world. 

She first finds Stone, who doesn’t remember who she is at first, but Eve forces him to remember. Then they track down Cassandra, who works for the Company. Technically, they all work for the Company, as they are all controlled by the company. 

Cassandra doesn’t immediately remember Eve or the Library but does come to remember after a bit of persuasion. 

Now, they’re being chased by the Thought Police, with Eve being caught and arrested while trying to remind Ezekiel of who he is. 

Eve wakes up in a padded cell and finally meets Nicole Noone, the one responsible for everything going on. 

Nicole is the only one who is able to keep her memories thanks to a magic charm, while Eve is starting to lose her memories of the Library and doesn’t even remember who Nicole is. 

As Eve is held in this asylum and forced medication, she eventually stumbles across Flynn! But they don’t remember each other. 

However, there is still a strong connection between the two, and Flynn knows that they have to find each other to restore the world to its rightful place. 

One day, Eve finds herself in Flynn’s cell and finds a secret memory map that he has created that includes drawings of herself and the other Librarians, as well as the Library and some artifacts. 

Eve finally starts to remember the Library, and Flynn and Eve share a kiss, and for just a moment they are back at the library — until Nicole finds them and decides to erase their memories once and for all. 

At the same time, Cassandra, Stone, and Ezekiel are all trying to gather their memories, and all eventually remember who they are and their respective knowledge. 

Using their skills, they are able to rescue Eve and Flynn from the Company. Once reunited, the Librarians and Guardian hold hands, and together, they literally rebuilt the Library around them. 

As Eve said, they are the library

Nicole’s horrible world disappears, and they are back in the library, but not all is fixed, as Jenkins is still dead. 

Flynn uses the Toaster of Albuquerque to rewrite Nicole’s story before time makes her so dark. He finds her and asks her to become immortal, for the right seasons this time — to protect the Library. 

Flynn gives Nicole the book of her life, which she must follow to fulfill her prophecy, but to protect the Library this time. Rather than being Flynn’s Guardian, she realizes that she is the Library’s Guardian. 

Flynn leaves Nicole and finds himself at the beginning of where Season 4 starts, where he, Eve, and the other Librarians are rehearsing the tethering ceremony. The other Librarians are oblivious to what has just happened, but Eve knows. 

Jenkins is still alive and immortal, and Flynn asks Jenkins to perform the tethering ceremony between him and Eve immediately. 

That’s where The Librarians left us — moments before the tethering ceremony that would make them immortal, with the other Librarians by their side. The Library is back and safe as their friendship and love saved each other from certain doom. 

The Librarians: The Next Chapter Plot

The Librarians: The Next Chapter is a spin-off of the original series, so there will be some similarities but a lot of differences in the plot. 

Deadline reports that The Librarians: The Next Chapter follows a Librarian from the past who uses time travel to go to the future only to find himself stuck in the future. 

He returns to his castle, which he finds to now be a museum, and accidentally releases magic across the continent. 

He is then given a new team to help clean up his mess, forming a new team of Librarians.

Christian Kane Returns to The Librarians: The Next Chapter

Christian Kane is coming back to television to reprise his role as Jacob Stone in The Librarians: The Next Chapter. Kane will serve as a recurring character opposite of new series star Jessica Green.

Jacob Stone is a genius from Oklahoma who has spent his entire life trying to fit in with the cowboys he works with on the oil pipeline. 

He’s a whiz at art, architecture, and history, and he’s a perfect mix of brains and brawn. 

Now that Stone has been a Librarian for over a decade, he’s tasked with helping Charlie (Green) find her confidence so she can fulfill her dream of becoming a permanent Guardian. 

This is one of Kane’s first television appearances since his role as former DEA Agent Alex Walker in Almost Paradise, a crime drama set in the Philippines. 

He’s also currently filming Season 3 of Amazon’s Leverage: Redemption in New Orleans, where he reprised his role as Eliot Spencer from the original series Leverage, which aired for five seasons on TNT.

The Librarians: The Next Chapter Cast

Aside from Christian Kane and Jessica Green, not much is known about the casting for The Librarians: The Next Chapter. 

We do know a bit about Green’s character, Charlie. 

According to Deadline, Charlie has been rejected by the Library as a Guardian and was hitting rock bottom when she got the call to be a “special guardian” on a trial basis. 

She has military training and martial arts skills, plus a dedication to her craft that is unquestionable.

As long as she can keep the powers that be in line and pass her special guardian trial, she can achieve her dream of being a permanent part of the Library. 

Dean Devlin serves as showrunner and will executive produce alongside Marc Roskin and Rachel Olschan-Wilson of Electric Entertainment. 

Noah Wyle is also an executive producer, while Mark Franco of Electric Entertainment and Jonathan English of Balkanic Media will also produce. 

This is not the first time Green has worked with Devlin, as he also produced The Outpost, where she played the lead role of Talon for four seasons.

The Librarians: The Next Chapter Episodes 

At this time, there are no set episodes for The Librarians: The Next Chapter. The original flagship series had ten episodes in Seasons 1-3, while Season 4 had 12 episodes. 

We’re expecting anywhere from eight to 12 episodes for the new spin-off, though there could be more coming from The CW.

The Librarians: The Next Chapter Trailer

Right now, there is no trailer for The Librarians: The Next Chapter. The series seems to be in pre-production, with casting just being announced, but we can expect more news throughout the year.

The Librarians: The Next Chapter Release Date

The Librarians: The Next Chapter was originally set to air on The CW’s 2024-2025 roster, but there is no confirmed release date. In the meantime, fans can rewatch the beloved original series through The CW or on Prime Video. 

What do you think of The Librarians: The Next Chapter?

Will you be tuning in to this remake? 

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