Final Fantasy VII Remake big bad Sephiroth menacingly stares at the camera as a fire rages behind him.

Image: Square Enix

I hope you weren’t holding your breath for Final Fantasy VII RemakeRebirth, and whatever the threequel will be called to come to a non-PlayStation console. Because tough luck, Sony and Square Enix have agreed to make the Remake trilogy a PlayStation exclusive forever and ever.

In an interview with The Washington Post, Sony Interactive Entertainment’s vice president of second- and third-party content ventures and strategic initiatives, Christian Svensson, said that S&S—Sony and Square—agreed to make the Remake trilogy of Final Fantasy VII a console exclusive when development on the project started. Svensson added that focusing on third-party content is “ingrained in [PlayStation’s] DNA to this day” and connects to “how we’ve worked together on Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.”

Final Fantasy has always been one of the primary franchise pillars on PlayStation consoles. [Square Enix is] one of the best in the business at pushing beyond their fans’ lofty expectations and showing off what can be done with PlayStation hardware,” Svensson added.

Producer Yoshinori Kitase also told the Post that the team behind Final Fantasy VII Remake and Rebirth might’ve had to alter their vision for the project to build versions for other consoles.

“Had [FF7 Rebirth] not been on a single platform, the world map would not be seamless, and game design may have had to regress significantly,” Kitase said.

Kotaku has reached out to Sony and Square Enix for comment.

It’s interesting that S&S have pinned the Final Fantasy VII Remake trilogy to PlayStation as a console exclusive. Remake, which dropped on PS4 in March 2020, made its way to PC in 2021. Rebirth is expected to do the same at some point in the future, though the timeline for PlayStation’s PC ports is generally a year or more after the console release. But if you were hoping to check out the trilogy on Game Pass or Switch 2 at some point down the line, it’s not gonna happen anytime soon. Sorry, Microsoft and Nintendo fans, them’s the breaks.

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