Raven and Kat fly through the air with lots of debris behind them

Image: Sony

Gravity Rush, the topsy-turvy action-adventure game from Sony’s now-defunct Japan Studio, might be making a return. According to a recent rumor, a Gravity Rush 2 remaster is in development for PS5 and PC. Seven years after its release, and three years after the closure of Japan Studio, fans of Gravity Rush are still quick to praise the quirky franchise that started life on the PS Vita. Gravity Rush 2 making its way into the hands of more gamers is always good news for Gravity Rush fans.

The rumor comes from the Gravity Rush modding Team Alua discord server, where user Orangee claimed on March 3 that a Gravity Rush 2 remaster is currently in development. Orangee has a good track record when it comes to Gravity Rush-related leaks, having previously leaked the existence of a Gravity Rush movie, as well as leaking that it would appear at CES—we got our first glimpse of the film at CES, a little over four months after that leak. Now, the leaker is telling fans to expect news this May, and that the PC version of the game will be released at a later date than the PS5 version. If true, this relase cadence would track with how Sony has typically handled taking its first-party titles to PC in the past, such as with Horizon Zero Dawn and God of War (2018).

Developed by Team Gravity within Japan Studio, Gravity Rush released for the PS Vita in 2012. The game follows Kat, a woman who can control gravity, and its game’s mechanics center around manipulating gravity to traverse space as well as to inflict attacks on enemies. The mechanics made use of the handheld’s motion and touch controls. Like so many of Japan Studio’s games, Gravity Rush earned a cult following for its unique design and loveable cast. With the Gravity Rush movie in production and the rumors of a Gravity Rush 2 remaster, it seems like Gravity Rush fans could be eating good. Dare we hope for a Gravity Rush 3?

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