Rihanna was paid an astounding $6.3 million to perform at Anant Ambani’s wedding — the son of billionaire tycoon, Mukesh Ambani.

Daily Mail reports, Rihanna traveled to Jamnagar, India for the three-day celebration. The 35-year-old’s partner, A$AP Rocky, accompanied her.

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The megastar’s performance was a mini-concert. Thus, there were dancers, intricate stage lighting, and a lavish set that wowed guests.

Clearly, Mukesh believes money ain’t a thang. He dropped $151 million on the celebration, according to Daily Mail. In addition, rumors say the billionaire businessman spent over $25 million on the food alone.

More Details On The Wedding Extravaganza

The extravaganza was a “who’s-who” among the rich and famous. Moreover, tech CEOs, pop icons, Bollywood stars, and politicos received invites. Illusionist David Blaine, Meta head Mark Zuckerberg, and Microsoft founder Bill Gates made the guest list.

A source said, “No expense has been spared for this three-day party. It is a jaw dropping amount of money but when the Ambanis do something they do it big.”

“These are going to be a memorable three days with some of India’s and the world’s most famous people present. It’s going to be as lavish as you can get,” another source added.

Anant and his fiancée, Radhika Merchant, also reportedly held a three-day feast for over 50,000 Jamnagar residents.

According to a source:

“The whole of Jamnagar is celebrating because they are all being fed and pampered and treated like celebrities.”

Additionally, another source told the Daily Mail:

“This is not the first time that they are spending money like this on one of their children’s weddings.”

Rihanna — born Robyn Rihanna Fenty — was spotted leaving the Indian city in a pink saree and hood. Subsequently, the star took pics with fans at the transport hub before boarding her flight.

After her performance, Rihanna appeared on Instagram Live with her bestie, Melissa Forde. She wanted no mention of an album.

Mukesh Ambani Got Long Money

For his daughter’s wedding, Mukesh reportedly cashed out an estimated $100 million in 2018, per Money. Beyoncé was hired for a private performance.

According to Forbes, Mukesh is Asia’s richest person. He has a net worth of $144 billion. Furthermore, the 66-year-old acquired his wealth as chairman of Reliance Industries —an oil-to-telecoms giant.

Muskesh’s moola has created two of the most legendary Indian weddings in history.

So safe to say, a time was definitely had.

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