AGinvest Farmland Properties Canada Inc. appoints Ron Stevens Vice President of Operations and Director of the Board.

AGinvest Farmland Properties Canada (“AGinvest”), a key player in the Canadian agricultural investment sector, proudly announces the promotion of Ron Stevens to the crucial role of Vice President of Operations. Mr. Stevens, an integral part of the AGinvest team for the past three years, has consistently showcased exceptional leadership, dedication, and a profound understanding of the intricacies of the agricultural investment industry. His promotion highlights the company’s strategic emphasis on optimizing and enhancing farmland through operational expertise. Coincident with this promotion Stevens has been appointed to the Board of Directors. He joins the other Directors — including the recently appointed Brian D’Costa and Joseph Shaw, and new Chair Derek Broderson — in shaping the strategy and governance of AGinvest.

In his prior capacity as the Director of Operations, Stevens played a pivotal role in navigating the company through diverse challenges, significantly contributing to its overall success. AGinvest stands out for its investment in Canadian farmland and its additional commitment to adding value through operational excellence.

As the newly appointed Vice President of Operations, Stevens will spearhead efforts to oversee and optimize AGinvest’s complex operational activities. His mandate includes ensuring operational efficiency, scalability, and alignment with the company’s strategic goals. Leveraging his experience and proven track record, Stevens is poised to lead the Operations team and drive AGinvest’s continued growth and success.

Kent Willmore, CEO of AGinvest, expressed enthusiasm about the promotion, stating, “We are delighted to announce Ron Stevens as our Vice President of Operations and welcome him to the Board of Directors. His dedication, strategic vision, and operational expertise have consistently contributed to our company’s success. As we continue to expand and innovate in the agricultural investment sector, we are confident that Stevens will play a pivotal role in leading our operations to new heights.”

In response to the announcement, Stevens shared his excitement about the new role, saying, “I am honoured and thrilled to take on the Vice President of Operations role and join the Board at AGinvest. I look forward to working closely with our talented team to enhance operational efficiency, drive innovation, and deliver strong returns for our investors.”

AGinvest Farmland Properties Canada has distinguished itself as a trailblazer in the agricultural investment sector by investing wisely in Canadian farmland and taking the additional steps to add value through operational experience and expertise. With a commitment to excellence and a focus on long-term value creation, the company continues to strengthen its market position, emphasizing the integral role that leading operations play in its future success.

About AGinvest Farmland Properties Canada

AGinvest Farmland Properties Canada (“AGinvest”) is a farmland investment manager with a mission to serve both investors seeking a superior alternative investment and farm families seeking a farm-centric capital partnership.

Source: AGinvest Farmland Properties Canada Inc.

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