If you’re a fan of the Broadway play Rent, then you know you can measure a year with five hundred twenty-five thousand, six hundred minutes.

Resident Alien Season 3 Episode 3 offered another view that in the span of Earth’s history, by comparison, a human life is 141 seconds.

Now, we don’t know where that stat came from, but it sure is a sobering thought to how little we matter in the overall scheme of things.

Harry often finds interesting points like that now that he’s come around to humanity.

He just wraps his head around how humans care so much about certain things until he has the same experience in his life, and it all comes together for him.

As the episode began, Harry Vanderspiegel wondered why humans think they deserve any better treatment than every other life force on earth that must fight to survive.

By the end of the episode, Harry understood the importance of living every minute of every year or every second of our 141-second equivalent to earth, reinforcing his decision to fight for the people he’s come to love.

Harry is going to great lengths to get to know the people around him because knowing them will help him with his needs. But part of his process is realizing how little he knows about humanity and ultimately falling in love with them despite himself.

This episode, like all the others, showed how profoundly people need others in their lives, and it showcased some brilliant scenes that shed new light on long-time characters.

Joining the Hawthornes on their family vacation offered great laughs and awkwardness, as well as great sorrow and the discovery that The Greys are hoping to use Yellowstone’s natural capabilities to destroy humanity, if not the planet. Shame on them.

I’m sending a note here to Chris Sheridan to please give Kate and Ben Hawthorne a break. Yes, they are finally on track in their marriage and have each other, thank goodness.

But they deserve so much more after what The Greys have been doing to them all these years.

No wonder the idea of having a baby terrified Kate. It seems she’s been giving birth to what I assume (again) are alien hybrids. Or perhaps she’s been giving birth to little human babies that The Greys still snatch away.

How she’s suffered at that loss is utterly heartbreaking. Meredith Garretson really sunk her teeth into Kate’s pain, showing the true cost of bad memories, even after they’ve been wiped from your brain.

Kate and Ben have so many quirks. Ben thinks his quirks began in childhood, but it seems like the alien abductions could have started that long ago, too, having an enormous effect on how they grew up and even how they parent.

I’ve always wondered why they’re so lax with Max. Maybe subconsciously, they just expect to lose him, too. How could you grow close to a child, even if it’s the only one they let you keep if you never know when they’ll be taken away?

I mean, would it have been too much to ask that Kate got her hot stone massage, or they had in-room coffee during this trip, which sparked so many ugly memories for them?

And did Ben need to microwave a turtle? The guy is so kind and caring and still finds himself on the wrong side of things all the time. It stinks.

I wonder if we’ll have more details about their abductions before the end of Resident Alien Season 3.

Every episode drops another stunning revelation on us, but we don’t know how far they’re willing to go so soon in the story or if it will play out for another season or so.

There’s so much remaining to uncover about what they’ve suffered, and it seems like we’ve barely scratched the surface.

Even if it was an intensely personal trip that uncovered even deeper memories, it was a good idea for Harry to go along.

Harry needed to know what was drawing Ben to Yellowstone. As usual, he was uncouth, but after sharing his underparts with the Hawthornes and shaking his fancy manicure in their faces, he also hit the jackpot.

The Greys are taking full advantage of their surroundings, and their underground water operation seems to be years in the making.

It gives Harry somewhere to focus his rage and an idea of how they’ll try gutting us from the inside out.

The funny thing is that I could see this story ending with Harry and a Grey or two as the last people standing on earth. As sad as it would be if Harry couldn’t save the planet, it makes more sense than saving it would.

You never know what’s coming next from this show. I mean, did we see both Judy and Liv sharing their softer sides coming?

It reminds me a bit of this GIF:

Yeah, there was more than enough pain to go around during this episode.

Judy fell fast and hard for Sheriff Mike Thompson. Now, why wouldn’t she? He’s funny as hell and seems like a genuinely nice guy.

Judy so badly wanted it to be her turn at love that she took any hint of Mike’s pleasure to mean he would date her. Their conversation to the contrary was so awkward, and watching Judy’s face fall was the worst.

“I just wanted it to be my turn.”

Who could hear that and not be ripped to shreds? D’Arcy did hear her friend and answered her call with a friendly gesture, which was just what she needed.

Judy wasn’t even the only woman other than Kate dealing with potent emotions.

Deputy Liv does good by everyone, but she gets a lot of flack in return. An expose in the Patience paper painted her as an alien-believing kook who had a tenuous grasp on reality.

That smacked Liv right in the face when her Nana admitted she was the source of the story. She sold out her granddaughter, humiliated her, and then for good measure, even compared Liv to the cheapest girl in the whorehouse.

Liv tried to hold it all together, but after her 15-second attempt to be witty, she broke down and cried while Mike comforted her.

Mike just made Judy feel similar to Liv, but he didn’t do it with malice, and Nana did. Judy was crushed when Mike talked with her, and Mike looked just as crushed for Liv when her grandmother did her so dirty.

You just never know who might be on your side, holding your hand as you walk through your next rough patch. And we never know when our seconds will end.

Harry’s figuring that all out, and he’s got a good group of people looking out for him, too.

Asta, D’Arcy, and Dan cleaned his cabin once they realized how close Liv was to discovering the truth behind the plaid-shirt-wearing guy in the alien hunter’s car.

Harry would probably freak out at the invasion of his privacy, but having someone who cares enough to cover your ass is pretty special.

Except it wasn’t enough to be called out on his mistreatment of the intergalactic bylaws or whatever they are. That blue alien wants him gone, but I reckon we’ll see that alien on Earth again before we see Harry attempt to leave his friends in the lurch, fighting for their lives.

Nope. He’s in deep, and he’ll find his way out of a return home.

If you managed to make it to the bottom, maybe you’ll be interested in dropping a comment below about the season so far.

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