Roomies, Lil’ Kim has prompted social media users to speculate she’s back on the dating scene and has her eye on one particular rapper.

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Here’s How Lil’ Kim Sparked Dating Speculation

On Monday, February 26, Lil’ Kim took to Instagram to share a lengthy birthday message alongside a few videos of her and another artist. In her message, the ‘Crush On You‘ rapper explained that her post was “a little late.”

However, the 49-year-old was “blessed enough” to spend the recipient’s “whole birthday” with them.

“I know this post is a little late but I was blessed enough to spend ur whole birthday with U and we’re still celebrating…” she wrote. “Our bond is so perfectly matched in the most organic way. I kno it was God that brought us 2gether. If ppl only knew how big of a role u play in my life and in my career. If they only knew ur a big part of the reason the beehive is getting new music right now. U are my motivation and that voice that is always cheering me on. Ur so intelligent and such a boss. If they only knew the things we figure out 2gether, how we can talk with our eyes and be on the same page. How we are each others rock, the late night talks, the gut wrenching laughs we share, the arguments, the debates…”

From there, the rapper explained that they “became so close,” and it “happened out of nowhere.” Additionally, she’s proud of what they’re “building” and the “unconditional love” they share.

“It’s so weird how we became so close because it happened out of nowhere but I’m really proud of what we’re building and most of all the unconditional love we have for each other,” she continued. “Ur a sweet gangsta and I love it! I always want the best for u and I wanna see u go all the way to the top where u belong. U deserve it.”

Kim ended her message by referring to rapper Tayy Brown as her “twin,” best friend, and artist. Additionally, she capped things off with multiple heart emojis.

Check out her post below.

Social Media Chimes In

Kim’s display of affection for Tayy Brown appeared to throw fans for a loop. Many hopped in the rapper’s comment section to question if their relationship is more romantic rather than platonic or business-related.

Instagram user @batfiit_crazy wrote, They go together or work together? Or both?”

While Instagram user @missmercedes01 added, Is this her boyfriend 🧐”

Instagram user @juicygirl811 wrote, Loving the joy he brings to you KIMMIE! 😍❤️ Happy birthday @realtayybrown 🥳🥳🥳🥂🍾”

While Instagram user @millyyasmeen added, Hold up huh”

Instagram user @yazminexo wrote, This post way too deep for it to be platonic lol either way whatever makes people happy !!!!”

Others seemed to note the age difference between Kim, who is 49, and Brown, who appears younger.

Instagram user @naughtythomas7 wrote,Girl, no, he’s a baby!”

While Instagram user @dooda_muffin_mommie added,Sis what’s happening?! HE LOOK 15!”

Instagram user @pinkbey21 added, I love you Kim but he look like he’s 19yrs old 😳”

Here’s How The Rapper Responded

About an hour after Lil’ Kim shared the lengthy post, Tayy Brown hopped into the comment section.

“6 life my heart. U a blessing. This bigga than music ❤😢 love you to da moon n back,” he wrote.

At this time, Kim nor Brown have publicly addressed the dating speculation. However, Brown did take to his Instagram Story to share a photo of himself with audio of him and Kim’s new single, “Love For Ya.”

The video also features the pair showing off their affection while gettin’ a little handsy with one another.

Kimmy, is there something we need to know?

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