We’ve been waiting a long while for this!

Many diehard fans of this series have been wondering not only why Hank Voight has seemingly taken a backseat throughout the series as of late but also where the old-school Voight went.

Well, Chicago PD Season 11 Episode 6 is gracing us with a Voight-centric hour, and we might get a peek of the Voight from yesteryear.

Could the no-nonsense, consequences-be-damned version of Voight be making a comeback?

It is possible for this installment.

Love or hate him, Hank Voight is essentially the glue that keeps the Intelligence Unit together and the central character of Chicago PD.

At least, he’s supposed to be. But he’s spent much time getting sidelined, which would be all right if this ensemble cast felt cohesive.

Instead, the centrics with installments focusing on singular characters with maybe one or two others supporting them has primarily resulted in a team that feels disjointed from one another more often than not.

And when it comes to Voight, he has yet to feel very much like a central character in his own series since Chicago PD Season 9, and even then, his presence was dwindling.

Our last Voight-centric was Chicago PD Season 10 Episode 16.

Outside of that, they’ve mainly used Voight as a supporting character, typically in Hailey Upton-centrics or briefly leading the charge and calling the shots in other installments.

As of late, we’ve seen that he’s taken a more paternal role with many of the unit members, which has its endearing moments in revealing bits about him and the headspace he’s in despite viewers not spending that much time with him individually.

It’s not a stretch to believe that part of this shift in his character directly results from him losing Anna after growing so close to her during those shocking and heartbreaking moments by the end of Chicago PD Season 9 Episode 22.

Essentially, Voight is all about his job; it is becoming his whole life, and he doesn’t have anyone outside of that.

With Justin and the rest of his family dead and so many of those close to him gone, he doesn’t appear to have anyone or anything outside of the job and the people there.

We saw glimpses of how distraught and concerned he was when Adam Ruzek was shot and fighting for his life. And the shooting was something that still haunted him months later as Ruzek recovered.

The series subtly touched upon this during Chicago PD Season 11 Episode 1.

As a result, Voight may get a bit too attached during a case, and things may take a turn.

The synopsis for the installment teases that via ASA Chapman, the team will pursue a case that involves an abducted teenager.

It’s not within their usual purview, but that will likely make the hour more exciting.

We learn that the case will “hit close to home” for Voight, which makes you wonder if something about it and the teen who is missing reminds him of Justin.

We know Voight has those brief moments when he still partakes in some routines he used to do with his son, and there doesn’t seem to be a day that goes by when he’s not missing and grieving him.

It’s likely the reason the case will hit close to home for him is because it triggers some of the feelings he has about his son’s death.

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But the case could remind him of something else from the past, maybe even the Anna situation in some way, and he’s determined to make up for what happened there.

Knowing that this case involves a young person automatically pulls at the heartstrings.

And it also means it won’t be that much of a surprise if Old Voight comes out if it triggers something in him.

However, based on some of the promo pictures, one has to wonder if they’ll get to the abducted teen in time or if he will end up severely hurt or worse.

One image has Voight kneeling over someone bruised and bloodied, and we have to wonder if that’s the teen he’s looking for or someone behind the abduction.

In the promo, we can hear Voight state that whatever the case may be, “it was planned and sadistic,” and he looks like he’s ready to murder someone himself.

There appear to have been four instances of missing teenagers, but the police haven’t found any leads yet.

It prompts ASA Chapman to hand things over to Voight in the first place.

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Based on another image that shows Chief Waldron going over the clearance rate, one can surmise that the Intelligence Unit has been massively successful and one of the most elite units.

We can see Voight poring over files and devoted in every conceivable way to cracking this case.

Hell hath no fury like Hank Voight, laser-focused on taking down a baddie.

Will the cage make a reappearance?

I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the case.

Chicago PD has been heavily leaning into darker and grittier tones, and this installment gives the impression that it will do the same.

But it also sounds like it may be one of the season’s strongest installments thus far.

A Hank Voight-centric is highly anticipated, and everything they’re teasing about this one is enough to have us on the edge of our seats.

Given how these episodes have gone so far, it’s doubtful we’ll get any update on that jaw-dropping Torres situation from Chicago PD Season 11 Episode 4.

But we know he’ll have some presence during this installment.

We will also see Kevin Atwater and Upton paired up again. Upwater is such a fun dynamic that they’re doing a great job exploring more.

Over to you, Chicago PD Fanatics.

Are you excited about a Voight-centered installment? In what way does this case hit close to home for him? What are you hoping to see?

Sound off below with all your thoughts, theories, and speculation!

Chicago PD airs on NBC on Wednesdays at 10/9c. You can stream the following day on Peacock.

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