Donald Trump Jr. tweeted a crude comment about President Joe Biden’s ability to get “wood.”

Donald Trump Jr. Comments On Joe Biden

According to Radar Online, Donald Trump’s oldest son took to X, formerly known as Twitter, on Sunday, February 25 to comment on Joe’s sex life.

“There’s literally no amount of Viagra on earth that’s going to give Joe Biden (who can barely walk without falling over) wood. Just stop!” he tweeted.

The slang term “wood” means an erection of a penis.

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The former First Son’s tweet was in response to a joke made by the Daily Mail that referenced an upcoming book by White House journalist, Katie Roger. Reportedly, ole Joe said “good sex” has sustained his 46-year marriage to First Lady Jill Biden.

Donnie Jr. met the President’s declaration with disdain.

“The more desperate they become trying to make him seem young and vibrant, the more obvious it is to everyone that he’s not up to any task!” he ended the tweet.

Social Media Reacts

Trump Jr.’s opinion garnered negative attention from several users who found it distasteful for political opponents to discuss each other’s sex lives.

One user tweeted, “10am and you’re posting about Joe Biden’s d—k? What is with MAGA’s obsession with Biden boners?”

Additionally, another X user shared words for little Donnie, “it’s unkind to make jokes about Joe Biden’s age and health. People should focus on policies and ideas, not personal attacks.”

The Great Age Debate

President Biden, 81, and Donald Trump Sr., 77, have both faced criticism from voters about their age. However, Trump has focused on Biden’s verbal mishaps and purported cognitive issues. He told his supporters during a New Hampshire rally, “We have a guy in the White House who can’t put two sentences together and who could not find his way off this stage.”

The conversation about the age of presidential candidates is a bipartisan issue that affects Democrats and Republicans. reports a recent poll indicated over 80% of Americans believe President Biden is too old for a second term. 59% of Americans think both Biden and Trump have aged out of being substantial presidential candidates.

Despite the vitriol in Donald Trump Jr.’s comments, he has not deleted his tweet. Standing on Joe’s business.

Clearly, voters would prefer for him to focus more on politics and less on peens in the future.

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