Why, why, why does Clyde have so much power?

Days of Our Lives spoilers for the week of 2-26-24 suggest that Stefan will go ahead with a plan to silence Harris permanently. Two other Dimeras and a Vitali are involved in this mess, but will anyone step up?

Sadly, it doesn’t appear that’s the case. While this story drags on, EJ will be focused on Nicole and Holly, and Kristen will again meet with Alex about their plan to keep Brady and Theresa apart.

Clyde’s seeming untouchability has always been a weakness in this story. He’s tangling with the two most powerful crime families in Salem, yet no one does anything except whine about how they wish they could stop him.

Viewers accept a certain amount of nonsense as only happening in Salem, but the complete lack of effort on the part of Ava and Stefan to get out of this mess is hard to believe.

Ava didn’t want to turn to her relatives because she walked away from that life. Okay, fine. But what’s Stefan’s excuse?

He’s on the outs with EJ, but their latest conflict is over EJ refusing to put a hit out on Clyde instead of using the legal system to get him. Stefan could still work with that — all he’d have to do was feed EJ enough info to get Clyde moved to SuperMax.

If Stefan and Ava tried and failed to get rid of Clyde, that would at least make sense. Instead, spoilers have Stefan reluctantly following Clyde’s orders to kill Harris.

Please. No Dimera would ever accept being pushed around this way. Plus, Stefan’s planning on using the tired TV trope of sneaking into the hospital, pretending to be a doctor, and injecting Harris with poison.

It’s unlikely to work since Steve Burton’s episodes aren’t done airing. But it’s also been done a billion times before on top of the sheer ludicrousness of Stefan being powerless here.

Meanwhile, Kristen has her own plans, but they have nothing to do with the threat to her family. Instead, she’s focused on her plan to keep Brady and Theresa apart.

So far, that plan is failing miserably, so Kristen must resort to more drastic action. But while she’s at it, how about she take care of Clyde’s nonsense?

Stefan doesn’t want to owe her a favor,  but better her than Clyde!

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Stefan is not nearly as thrilled as Ava about Harris waking up.

Of course not.

Ava is being ridiculously obvious about her feelings for Harris — and uncharacteristically naive. Has she not figured out yet that Stefan wants to neutralize the threat to Clyde?

Ava and Harris had a true split for the sake of drama, but now she’s so blinded by her desire to be with him that she’s giving Stefan all the ammunition he needs to silence Harris permanently. Ugh.

Everett and Chad argue about the Bobby situation.

For some reason, Everett has a session with Marlena while Stephanie observes — Days of Our Lives is batting .1000 on depicting mental health issues accurately, as usual.

Afterward, Everett confides in Chad, only for Chad to accost him because no one knows who he is.

I don’t know why everyone keeps jumping to Everett being a sociopath. Unless there’s some other twist in this, he likely is a scumbag who cheated on Jada, possibly because his marriage was unhappy and he fell for Stephanie.

But cheating is a far cry from being a sociopath. Unless “Bobby” abused Jada rather than cheated on her, there’s no reason for these accusations.

Nicole and EJ watch over Holly.

The couple is supposed to share a warm moment as they wait for Holly to awaken.

These scenes are bittersweet because of the horrible news about Arianna Zucker‘s time with Days being cut short.

They would be anyway because they’ll probably prove again that EJ/Nicole are a perfect couple, but the showrunners want her with Eric. But still, the behind-the-scenes drama makes it even worse.

Sarah makes it clear to EJ that she believes Xander is innocent.

I’m glad Sarah is finally standing behind her man!

She usually disappears at the first sign that Xander isn’t walking the straight and narrow, so this is a refreshing change.

But I’d like to know how this all came to pass. Xander deviated from his usual routine, going for a run far later than he normally did, so how did Stefan know to dress in a similar running outfit and send an incriminating text to Xander’s phone?

Sarah only found that text because Xander forgot his phone when he left for his run. How on Earth did Stefan know THAT was the case?

Holly wakes up, but will she remember anything?

In the spoiler video, Holly looks confused when EJ and Nicole mention someone giving her drugs.

But is she? Or is she trying to avoid trouble by pretending she doesn’t remember?

Two people have been wandering around allegedly memoryless after waking up from comas, so why shouldn’t Holly do the same even if she remembers everything?

Of course, if that’s the case, Theresa should see right through it because that’s precisely what Theresa did after JJ Deveraux saved her from overdosing in 2013. But Theresa’s history with overdoses has been ignored throughout this story, so it probably won’t be acknowledged now.

Paulina gets some surprise visitors who cheer her up.

Lani and Eli are back!

Sadly, it’s probably only for a short visit, but at least we get some time with them.

This will be a happy surprise for Paulina, but spoilers say that Abe will get grim news about her condition — let’s hope Lani and Eli can help her beat the odds and fully recover.

Brady and Theresa again visit Tate, who is in a new halfway house closer to home.

Why is Tate still in any halfway house?

EJ knows that Holly isn’t as innocent as he thought. He learned that long before she went to Italy for treatment.

How about he gives up this vendetta and does the right thing? And do something about Clyde while he’s at it?

Stefan attempts to silence Harris permanently.

There is never any security in this hospital.

Law & Order: Organized Crime Season 4 Episode 2 had someone pull the same trick, but still.

Fake doctors and nurses up to no good have become too much of a staple on Days of Our Lives. The only surprising thing here will be if Stefan gets caught.

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