Microsoft has announced a generative-AI powered eraser for pictures, which gives you an easy way of removing unwanted elements from your photos. Windows Photos has long had a Spot Fix tool that can remove parts of an image for you, but the company says Generative erase is an enhanced version of the feature. Apparently, this newer tool can create “more seamless and realistic” results even when large objects, such as bystanders or clutter in the background, are removed from an image.

If you’ll recall, both Google and Samsung have their own versions of AI eraser tools on their mobile devices. Google’s used to be exclusively available on newer Pixel phones until it was rolled out to older models. Microsoft’s version, however, gives you access to an AI-powered photo eraser on your desktop or laptop computer. You only need to fire up the image editor in Photos to start using the feature. Simply choose the Erase option and then use the brush to create a mask over the elements you want to remove. You can even adjust the brush size to make it easier to select thinner or thicker objects, and you can also choose to highlight more than one element before erasing them all.

At the moment, though, access to Generative erase is pretty limited. It hasn’t been released widely yet, and you can only use it if you’re a Windows Insider through the Photos app on Windows 10 and Windows 11 for Arm64 devices.

Photo of a dog against a beach background.



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