Virgil van Dijk’s disallowed goal in the second half of the Carabao Cup final between Liverpool and Chelsea has been described as “as contentious as there is”.

Van Dijk thought he had opened the scoring just before the hour mark as he headed home an Andy Robertson free-kick.

However, the goal was disallowed following a lengthy VAR check, with Wataru Endo ruled to be in an offside position and blocking Levi Colwill from challenging for the ball.

“This is as contentious a one as there is,” Sky Sports studio pundit Jamie Redknapp said.

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Virgil van Dijk thought he had given Liverpool the lead in the Carabao Cup final, only for VAR to pick out an offside to see the goal chalked off

“You can see that Endo certainly interferes with Colwill as he’s trying to come out. By the letter of the law, I guess it’s the right decision.

“But we see these situations happening in the Premier League, week-in, week-out, and it is about the consistency I think.

“I get why they have done it but we don’t see that consistency. There was certainly a gap there and Virgil exploited it.”

Dean: It’s subjective offside

Former Premier League referee Mike Dean on Sky Sports co-commentary: “It’s obvious Virgil van Dijk is not offside.

“The only thing I’ve got an issue with is that Endo may well have blocked the player that may well have been coming back with Van Dijk on the edge of the area.

“That’s the only thing I can think they are looking at.

“Endo is watching the defender and stopping him from getting back into a position to make a challenge on Van Dijk.

“Where the ball’s drop-in zone is, that’s where Colwill would have been, and that is why the goal has been chalked off.

“It’s subjective offside.”

Neville: Harsh on Liverpool

Gary Neville on Sky Sports co-commentary: “They are saying Endo is offside and isn’t playing the ball. He goes and blocks Levi Colwill.

“It’s the block I said Liverpool should put on in the first half. It looked like the perfect tactic to get Van Dijk up against the smaller players at the back post, but they have been punished for it.

“Maybe Endo was too obvious. He needed to be a little smarter and cuter.

“It’s harsh on Liverpool and a lifeline for Chelsea.”

Carragher: Happens at almost every set-piece

Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville preview the Champions League final

Jamie Carragher on Sky Sports co-commentary: “I think we see that in almost every set-piece. Players stand offside and they stop the players running back.

“It’s incredibly harsh.

“You can see Ben Chilwell with Van Dijk, and Endo blocks Colwill. It doesn’t impact Chilwell or Van Dijk.

“You can argue the player would be in there where the ball drops, but we see it at times with goalkeepers and often we see Arsenal do it. Blocking happens on almost every set-piece.”

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