Wendy Williams‘ conservator has reportedly filed a lawsuit in what’s assumed to be an attempt to prevent the upcoming release of her Lifetime documentary, ‘Where Is Wendy Williams?’

On Saturday (February 24), the network will release the two-part special that details Williams’ turbulent life since she left her talk show in 2021.

Wendy Williams’ Conservator Is Suing Lifetime’s Parent Company, A&E Network

However, TMZ reports that Sabrina Morrissey, appointed as Williams’ temporary guardian, filed a motion on Thursday (February 22).

The complaint targets A&E Television Networks, Lifetime’s parent company. Interestingly, they filed the suit under seal, keeping the specifics regarding her motion private.

The aforementioned publication strongly suggests that the legal matter relates to the release of Williams’ Lifetime project.

Morrissey requested a temporary restraining order against the company in the unredacted part, a common move to prevent the release of a motion picture, song and/or TV show.

Sources say that the judge has set a court date for next week and ordered that the documents remain sealed during this time.

By then, the highly anticipated doc will have already aired. But it’s understood that Morrissey could receive “injunctive relief” from the network if the judge sides with her request.

The documentary peels back the layers of Williams’ life like an onion, revealing her struggles with substance abuse, her tumultuous marriage, and her highly publicized health issues.

Yet, through all this stormy weather, the former radio DJ tackled the problems head-on.

Her Family Is Demanding Answers Concerning Wendy’s Well-Being

The documentary bravely explores Wendy’s conservatorship, a decision the court ordered in 2022, according to the family.

Since then, Williams’ loved ones have had “limited” access to her. Because her family and friends can’t directly contact her, she has to call them. This situation has made it significantly more difficult to keep up with her condition and how she’s doing.

The lack of contact has even led some family members to fear they’d eventually receive the call that she was dead.

Furthermore, the family does not know her whereabouts as her conservator never disclosed that information to them for reasons that remain unknown.

“The people who love her cannot see her,” her sister, Wanda, told PEOPLE in an exclusive interview before the doc’s release. “I think the big [question] is: How the hell did we get here?”

Additionally, the Lifetime documentary plans to reveal not just Williams’ personal struggles, such as her battle with alcoholism and health issues, but also the financial problems that emerged after she left her talk show.

The news publication reports that Williams claims in her Lifetime special that her guardian had stolen money from her in the past, though she doesn’t provide any evidence.

On Thursday (February 22), a representative announced that the New Jersey native had been diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia and aphasia.

Currently, Lifetime is seemingly going ahead with its plans to premiere the doc on February 24, followed by part 2 on Sunday (February 25).

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