A Texas judge has issued a ruling in the case of a school district that suspended a teenager for the length of his dreadlocks. As The Shade Room previously reported, the teen, Darryl George, was initially suspended in September 2023.

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More Details Regarding The Texas Judge’s Ruling

According to CNN, the ruling was made on Thursday, February 22. State District Judge Chap Cain III reportedly decided that the school’s suspension of Darryl George did not violate the state’s CROWN ACT.

Therefore, the judge’s decision asserts that it is not unlawful “for school dress codes to limit a student’s hair length.”

The outlet reports that the George family did not issue a statement to the media after the trial. However, a spokesperson for the family spoke on their behalf.

“Darryl made this statement, and told me this straight up with tears in his eyes, ‘All because of my hair? I can’t get my education because of hair? I cannot be around other peers and enjoy my junior year, because of my hair?’” spokesperson Candice Matthews reportedly told reporters, per CNN.

According to Matthews, the George family is angered and confused by the decision. Meanwhile, the teenager will have to continue serving in-school suspension.

CNN reports that the George family ultimately intends to appeal the ruling.

The School District Responds To The Ruling As Social Media Weighs In

According to the outlet, Greg Poole, the superintendent of the Barbers Hill Independent School District, has responded to the judge’s ruling.

“[The ruling] validated our position that the district’s dress code does not violate the CROWN Act and that the CROWN Act does not give students unlimited self-expression…

The U.S. Supreme Court recently ruled that affirmative action is a violation of the 14th Amendment and we believe the same reasoning will eventually be applied to the CROWN Act,” Poole reportedly explained.

Furthermore, the outlet reports that the CROWN Act was enacted in Texas on September 1, 2023. The legislation prohibits the discrimination of various hairstyles “commonly associated with a particular race or culture.”

Over in The Shade Room’s comment section, many users appear to disagree with the judge’s decision to seemingly disregard the act.

Instagram user @danikaberry wrote.

“@adjoabasamoah, who is the THE CROWN Act Champion ‘and’ Scholar, and Co-Creator of the CROWN Coalition wrote the bill and had it passed in the State of Texas. What happened today is an outrage!”

While Instagram user @mz_carmeldutchess added.

“Now it’s a Supreme Court issue. His family needs to escalate this”

Instagram user @jacmartinn wrote.

“shi don’t even sound right reading it💀”

While Instagram user @prettyred_india added.

“TX & FL off my list it’s not about prices. Laws & education play a roll in relocation. I wanna move but it gotta make sense for me & mine.”

Instagram user @jtripnation wrote.

“Please Please Please appeal this. Ain’t no way in 2024…”

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