Donald Trump is not lettin’ up when it comes to trolling President Joe Biden just months ahead of the presidential election.

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Here’s The Edited Video That Trump Posted

On Thursday, February 22, Trump took to his official Instagram account to share an edited video on his feed. The clip showed President Biden walking on a field while being assisted by an unknown woman.

As the clip continued, an imposed image of a Visiting Angels Living Assistance building appeared in the footage. As the clip concludes, Biden is seen seemingly walking inside the building. Additionally, the words above its front door read, “ELDERLY CARE.”

Whew — the shade.

Watch the clip below.

Social Media Goes Wild

Social media users entered The Shade Room’s comment section to weigh in on Trump’s jab toward Biden. Many remarked on the irony of Trump seemingly calling Biden out for their age when they are only four years apart. Trump is 77 years old while Biden is 81 years old.

Instagram user @junghaeinbaby wrote, “Lmfaoooooo the crazy part is they’re like 3-4 years apart. They’re both elderly 😭”

While Instagram user @jlive_chevvy added, “Big T on timin😂”

Instagram user @acees_ wrote, “Y’all think this cool for a ex president to act? Then yall tryna bring him back! America really a joke”

While Instagram user @kenjithebarber added, “This the ‘Real husbands of the white house’ 😂🤣”

Instagram user @red_rose5713 wrote, “😂😂😂the pettiest/funniest former president ever”

While Instagram user @c_jo1time added, “Wow an elderly man talking about another elderly man 😂😂😂”

Trump Has Trolled Biden With Edited Clips Before

This isn’t the first time Trump has trolled President Biden with an edited video clip. On January 11, the 77-year-old took to Instagram to share another video, which opened up with a logo that read, “White House Senior Living.”

Additionally, the logo featured a photo of President Joe Biden and appeared over footage of the White House.

“At White House Senior Living, our residents feel right at home,” narration over the clip explained before cutting to an image of the president.

The clip then cut to various recordings of Biden seemingly speaking from the perspective of a senior living resident.

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