Yellowstone is coming to an end, and it’s not only Paramount who will suffer.

As the key to Yellowstone streaming, Peacock loses a golden goose, too.

What better way than to introduce a real-live ranch family who, like the Duttons, are fighting for their future in a dying world?

Peacock has announced a new original unscripted series, The McBee Dynasty: Real American Cowboys.  

The series, from Jeff Jenkins Productions, follows patriarch Steve McBee, the hard-working founder of the family business, and his four sons:

Steven Jr. the business-minded heir apparent; Cole, the underdog who works hard in the field; Jesse the quiet cowboy, and Brayden, who has the least interest in farming. 

The docuseries reveals the high-stakes world of farming and ranching in rural Missouri and what it takes to be a real American cowboy.

Viewers will also get a behind-the-scenes look into a family dynasty and the sibling rivalry that ensues when a family tries to expand their business. 

In addition to the relationship with Steve McBee and his four boys, audiences will also witness the sons in romantic relationships with longtime girlfriends who are growing impatient waiting for the boys to commit.

If the name McBee sparks your memory, that’s because it’s not Steven Jr.’s first time on TV.

When Fox revived Joe Millionaire with Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer, it was Steven Jr. representing the richer.

In fact, you may recall that TV Fanatic spoke with McBee about his time on the series.

Along with the announcement comes a trailer, and if they aren’t playing up the Yellowstone Dutton angle, I’ll eat my own foot.

Similarities include patriarch Steve announcing they are $50 million in debt and their attempts to uncover a new direction to stem the flow of money out of the ranch to increase their coffers.

A couple of seconds later, it’s revealed that Steve is sleeping with their CFO, Galina, and Peacock has access to their bedroom!

Not to mention the McBee sons, who are old chips off the Dutton block.

Steven Jr, “The Father Figure,” is described as driven and number one in his class, and says, “This company would not run without me.”

If you’re looking at Yellowstone Season 1, you’d probably consider him the Jamie Dutton of the group, merging into Beth.

Cole, “The Wild Child,” is shown guzzling cocktails and warns viewers not to try this at home. That’s definitely reeking of Beth Dutton, but without the other side that Steven Jr. possesses.

Brayden, “The Baby,” grew up with his mom and isn’t that close to his dad. He’s got shades of Kayce in the early Yellowstone seasons.

Jesse, “The Pretty Boy,” makes his brothers jealous with his good looks, and from that perspective, he’s another Kayce.

Conversations between the brothers are intense as they discuss who will take over the family business, another Dutton trait.

Now, none of this is to say that the McBee family is anything at all like the Duttons.

Still, Peacock knows a cash cow when it sees it, and bringing a familiar face to the small screen with a real-life connection to Yellowstone and a hint of Succession to boot could be a winning reality formula.

All 10 episodes of the series will stream on Peacock on Monday, Mar 11.

The first episode of the series will also premiere on USA Network on Mar 11 at 10/9c and air weekly thereafter.  

Personally, I think that’s a misstep because people can purchase Peacock to watch the entire series in one fell swoop and then cancel their subscription.

All programming is an attempt to draw viewers to their streaming service, but you provide the most value when you ensure they have a reason to return.

It’s worked incredibly well for The Traitors, so it’s a bit of a headscratcher why they’re dropping this show in one go. Check out the trailer now:


If you’re a fan of Yellowstone and reality programming, The McBee Dynasty: Real American Cowboys should catapult to the top of your must-see list.

They’ve gone to great lengths to connect the two in our minds, which may very well succeed when it comes to ratings.

Let us know if you’ll be tuning into The McBee Dynasty: Real American Cowboys in the comments below!

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