Stones Throw Records is releasing a covers compilation to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Haruomi Hosono’s beloved 1973 solo debut, Hosono House. The first taste of the album is Mac DeMarco’s new cover of “Boku Wa Chotto.” Listen to the track below.

Back in 2018, DeMarco digitally released a cover of Hosono’s Tropical Dandy track “Honey Moon.” The next year, the musicians performed the song together at a Los Angeles show.

“Hosono is my hero, I love all of his music, I am eternally at his every beck and call, it is my honor to be a part of this compilation,” DeMarco said in a new press statement. “I recorded this cover in Joe Bird’s guest room in Paris, August 2023. I hope my Japanese pronunciation isn’t too horrible.”

Stones Throw’s new compilation does not yet have a firm release date, but it is due out digitally and on vinyl at a point in 2024. The album—which will be released in partnership with Kakubarhythm and Bayon Production in Japan—features Sam Gendel, John Carroll Kirby (with the Mizuhara Sisters), Jerry Paper, Pearl & the Oysters, Cornelius, Akiko Yano, Yuma Abe, Mei Ehara, Rei Harakami, Kukuku, and more.

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