Back in Nov. 2021, a delivery driver survived his Amazon truck getting split in half by a train. More than two years later, a video from inside the truck surfaced and went viral on social media. And let’s just say it’s a real-life example of having “luck on your side.”

What Happened In The Amazon Truck & Train Incident

In the new footage, we see Alexander Evans‘ reaction seconds after he realized what had happened. TMZ was the first to share the viral clip that’s less than a minute long. It begins with Evans driving straight for a few seconds, then turning left while working in Ixonia, Wisconsin.

While in the middle of turning, BOOM, the Amtrak train smacks his van, splits it in half, and keeps going down the tracks. Meanwhile, all that was left of the Amazon truck was the two front seats and Evans in one.

Packages flew everywhere. His purple beanie and glasses went bye-bye. But the train missed Evans by a few inches. Once the rattling of the Amazon truck settled, the video shows Alexander sitting there with his seatbelt still strapped. He’s seen shaking his head from side to side while sneaking a few glances at the HUGE hole where the rest of the truck once was.

The Amazon truck’s rearview mirror, which was barely hanging on, eventually blocks Evans’ face. But, he’s seen moving both his hands in a “C’mon MAN” way *cue Boosie’s voice.*

Eventually, he unbuckles his seatbelt and searches for a tablet before the video cuts off.

Watch the video below. 

Amazon Driver Previously Said He Didn’t Hear The Train Coming

As mentioned, though this video angle of the incident is new to the public, this incident happened over two years ago. After the crash, Alexander told WISN he felt “air…pressure….the airbags.” But he also clarified that he didn’t “know what to feel.”

As for how he missed the incoming train, Evans said he was deaf in one ear and didn’t hear the train’s horn at first. There also reportedly weren’t any signs or warning lights at the crossing.

But Evans insisted that he “made a look” as he was going down a hill to swerve but “didn’t see anything.” By the time he reacted to the horn, his Amazon truck was still in the train’s way.

“Literally, it was like one long beep, horn from the train, and I put my foot on the gas, kind of like trying. I don’t know how far I’m going to get away from him.”

At the time of the crash, Alexander was married with two daughters. He told WISN he couldn’t “believe” he had survived the crash. There are no updates on where he’s now or how he’s doing. However, the day the train smacked his truck, he said it was his 33rd birthday.

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