San Gabriel, CA, February 22, 2024 –(– Chief Anthony Morales of the San Gabriel Band of Mission Indians Gabrieleno Tongva has officially voiced his opposition to the proposed construction of a gondola in Los Angeles, citing concerns over its environmental impact and potential disruption to working class communities and historic landmarks.

The proposed gondola project includes plans for a first loading station near the historic Olvera Street, a significant cultural hub and the ancestral village of Yaagna of the first people of Los Angeles, the Gabrieleno/Tongva Tribe. Chief Anthony Morales strongly believes that the construction of the gondola in this area would not only disrupt the historic and cultural significance of Olvera Street but also cause irreparable harm to the surrounding neighborhoods, including El Pueblo, Chinatown, Solano Canyon, and Echo Park.

Chief Anthony Morales emphasizes the importance of preserving the heritage and integrity of these communities, which hold deep historical ties to the San Gabriel Band of Mission Indians Gabrieleno/Tongva. The gondola’s construction would not only threaten the physical landscape but also jeopardize the cultural heritage and identity of these neighborhoods.

Furthermore, Chief Anthony Morales highlights the impact of the gondola on Los Angeles State Park, a site in which the San Gabriel Band of Mission Indians was involved in the original opening and blessing. The construction of the gondola would disrupt this sacred land, further encroaching upon the ancestral and historic territories of the tribe.

In light of these concerns, Chief Anthony Morales calls for a reconsideration of the proposed gondola project and urges city officials to prioritize the preservation of the environment, our delicate cultural heritage, and well-being of the affected communities.

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