An image shows the characters from Hi-Fi Rush jumping together.

Image: Xbox / Bethesda

It looks like Hi-Fi Rush, long-rumored to be coming to other platforms besides Xbox and PC, will finally make that leap next month based on a leaked trailer from Bethesda.

Hi-Fi Rush was a surprise launch when it arrived in January 2023 on Xbox, Game Pass, and PC. And it was an awesome surprise, mixing colorful visuals, impressive action, great music, and satisfying rhythm-based combat into one delightful package that felt like a breath of fresh air. In recent months, there have been reports that the game was set to arrive on Switch and PlayStation. Now, it seems to finally be happening and happening pretty dang soon.

As spotted by Wario64 on February 21, a YouTube trailer for Hi-Fi Rush confirmed a March 18 release date. The trailer has since been pulled by Bethesda, but not before folks were able to screenshot the date and share it around the internet.

This lines up with a previous report from The Verge which listed Hi-Fi Rush as one of four Xbox-owned games set to arrive on non-Xbox consoles this year. Two of the other games from that report, Pentiment and Grounded, were confirmed to be coming to Switch in Nintendo’s February 21 Direct. The fourth game rumored to be heading to PlayStation and Switch in the near future is Rare’s popular online pirate simulator, Sea of Thieves.

Kotaku has contacted Bethesda and Xbox.

Last week, after rumors and lots of panic from Xbox content creators, Microsoft revealed its plans to bring four previously Xbox-exclusive games to other consoles. As previously mentioned, The Verge claimed that the four games would be Hi-Fi Rush, Pentiment, Sea of Thieves, and Grounded. Xbox has yet to confirm if that list is accurate, but considering three of the four games listed in that report are confirmed coming to more platforms, I’m inclined to believe that Sea of Thieves is likely next to jump ship and make its way to PS5, and maybe even Switch.


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