DC Young Fly is sharing an important message for his social media followers.

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DC Young Fly Reveals Loss Of Jacky Oh’s Death Certificate

On Tuesday, February 20, DC Young Fly took to Instagram to share a video message with his over 13 million followers. In the clip, the 31-year-old explained that he “really wanted to refrain” from making the video.

He explained that he was asking for his book bag back because it contained “personal belongings,” including Jacky Oh’s death certificate.

“The bag got my girl’s death certificate in it — it got personal belongings in it. I just need the bag, bro,” the comedian told viewers.

From there, he asked whoever found the bag to return it with all its items inside.

Furthermore, DC Young Fly captioned the clip with, “Drop it og#ff at the Hollywood improv Shawty I jus need da bag”

Watch the clip he shared below.

Shortly after sharing the initial video, the comedian returned to Instagram with another clip. In the footage, he seemingly explained that his car was broken into. Additionally, he explained that “nothing in the bag is beneficial.” However, he asked the recipient not to throw the item in the trash or the street but to drop the bag off “discreetly” at the Hollywood Improv in Los Angeles, California.

Social Media Reacts

Social media users reacted to DC Young Fly’s ordeal in The Shade Room’s comment section. Some users seemed to criticize the comedian for carrying his late partner’s legal documents in his bag.

Instagram user @___sunkisseddd wrote, Death certificate in his book bag is crazy. That’s an important item. I don’t even carry my SSN card around.”

However, many others defended DC Young Fly.

Instagram user @indeskribeabull wrote, He didn’t even want to have to say anything. This is way too personal, and you can see that he really just wants it back. Just return it. SMH”

While Instagram user @asiiamae added, he carries it around for the same reason y’all carry y’alls loved ones ashes around y’all necks in a necklace.”

Instagram user @nyeisha_shanai wrote, Wow i don’t think this man can endure anymore pain please return his bag 🥺”

While Instagram user @iqdiprince added, “People more care why he had the certificate then people thieving his things… his allowed to carry anything he wants it’s his people need to stop being teefs”

Instagram user @dupreegod remarked, D**n. Now I hope someone sees this and gives this man his bag back. He sounds defeated. We all deal with things differently.”

The Comedian Honored His Late Partner On Her Birthday

As The Shade Room previously reported, DC Young Fly made headlines in November 2023. At the time, he delivered a powerful speech on what would have been Jacky Oh’s 34th birthday.

“Dear Heavenly Father, we come together humbly. We just want to say we’re thankful, and we’re grateful, Father. We’re thankful for Jacklyn’s life, heavenly Father, and we’re going to continue to just lift her up, heavenly Father. And we pray, Heavenly Father, that you just continue to guide everybody in this circle, Heavenly Father. Grant us the strength, the motivation to continue to just love each other, Heavenly Father. And to continue to just do your will and walk in our purpose, Heavenly Father,” he said during his speech.

Jacky Oh passed away after undergoing a mommy makeover earlier that year, per The Shade Room. She and DC Young Fly share three children.

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