Apple confirmed that the iPhone 15 series offers tangible improvements when it comes to battery lifespan. All four iPhone 15 models can retain up to 80% of their original capacity after 1,000 charges under ideal conditions while previous models were rated at 500 charges for the same capacity. Apple revealed the updated battery lifespan metrics in a dedicated iPhone battery support page.

Apple iPhone battery support page

Apple iPhone battery support page

Apple also told 9to5 Mac that it used a specific charging test which involved charging and discharging the battery 1,000 times under specific conditions that would simulate real-world use cases.

Apple confirms iPhone 15 series batteries have longer lifespan

The development is due to “continued updates to battery components and power management systems over the years” and Cupertino is also investigating older iPhone models to see how their batteries stack up. There are multiple asterisks here as battery wear can vary greatly between users depending on a plethora of factors including regular use and charging patterns.

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