Suge Knight is weighing in on the recent controversy between Chris Brown and Ruffles. As The Shade Room previously reported, Brown shared that he expected to participate in the NBA Celebrity All-Star Game.

However, the singer alleged the company abruptly renigged on his invitation.

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Here’s What Suge Knight Said

On Saturday, February 17, a new episode of Suge Knight’s podcast ‘Collect Call’ was released via YouTube. About four minutes into the episode, Knight shares his thoughts on the 66th Annual Grammy Awards. Additionally, the music mogul shared his praise for the women who dominated the event before explaining that more awards should be named after women.

About seventeen minutes into the episode, Knight addressed Dr. Dre and the Global Impact Award, named after Dre for the Grammys ceremony.

“You can have a man that’s part of that secret society, and they’re gonna give him an award — the Impact Award. The motherf****r that beat up more b*****s than anybody,” Knight said.

From there, the former Death Row label head compared Dr. Dre to Chris Brown.

“This man will get an award for beating up women. [But] Chris Brown is stripped from his crown — and not saying it was right why him and Rihanna got into it… But what I’m saying is this: he had a fight with one woman, or he beat up one woman, and they still are casting stones at him… They don’t let him come perform. They don’t let him win awards, but you can have an Impact Award with Andre [Dr. Dre.]”

Social Media Weighs In

Suge Knight’s perspective sparked additional conversation in The Shade Room’s comment section. Many Instagram users appeared to agree.

Instagram user @pretty.petite.denise wrote,No lies told. I can’t stand suge but he’s right Dr Dre was ruthless asf”

While Instagram user @ms_katie_baby added,Y’all can hate the messenger and still agree that he told no lie 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️”

Instagram user @bakir_tahee wrote, Let me tell you I am NOT a Suge fan however I agree 100 percent with this!”

While Instagram user @2000shype added,I meeaannn where’s the lie!! If we want to hold Chris accountable, then let’s hold EVERYONE who has done some horrible issh accountable 🤷🏽‍♀️”

Instagram user @sincitythechos3n63 wrote,Being behind them walls got Suge making sense. Cause Dre put more then paws on Michel’le. And he got to perform on the biggest stage in all sports.”

While Instagram user @tye_been_betta added, They always pick and choose who abuse is okay for 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️”

Here’s A Recap Of Events Regarding Chris Brown & The NBA Celebrity All-Star Game

As The Shade Room previously reported, Brown took to social media last week to allege that he was uninvited from participating in the NBA Celeb All-Star Game.

However, he was later told that his invitation had been revoked due to Ruffles, one of the organization’s sponsors. However, despite his removal from participating in the game, the NBA still invited Brown to sit courtside at the event.

Read his sentiments below.

Brown ultimately rejected the alternative offer. Additionally, his taking to social media prompted a response from Ruffles.

Furthermore, the company denied revoking the singer’s invitation. However, Chris Brown fired back, accusing the brand of attempting to “save face.”

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