Nicki Minaj has shared a particular request involving her fans and comedian Katt Williams.

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Nick Minaj Shares A Message For Katt Williams

Minaj recently took to Instagram during the early hours of Tuesday, February 20. In footage captured by Instagram user @mizzinformation, the rapper made a request involving Katt Williams.

“Now, I know that this is the busiest man in show business, okay? I know that he’s rich, and I know that he’s the funniest man in show biz,” she explained. “Can y’all hit up Katt Williams and ask him what would be his price to be a part of the ‘Pink Friday 2/Gag City’ tour?”

Watch her statement below.

While on Instagram Live, Minaj also gave her fans a preview of what they can expect to see performed during the tour.

Social Media Weighs In

Social media users entered The Shade Room’s comment section to share their reactions to Minaj’s request.

Instagram user @stormypea wrote, Nicki please. If you don’t got his number what makes you think I do🤣”

While Instagram user @casualsexy37 added, “Yeah get Katt so he can tell us all her business behind the scenes 😂”

Instagram user @realcarmenk wrote, Not we gone be crying , laughing and twerking all night chi”

While Instagram user @tiana_manique added, That’s actually a smart move… a barb tour and comedy show in one 🤯”

Instagram user @taliah55 wrote, He’s on his own tour right now tho 🤔”

While Instagram user @wutang_chriss26 added, “Katt on his own tour with Monique that ship is gone”

Instagram user @_southsideshayy wrote,“…Lil baby and Chris brown did the same thing with Druski”

While Instagram user @the.shandawg added, I honestly think it’s a very smart idea because she would be the first artist to have a comedian open up for her. I’m sure the fans would appreciate it.. they are going to laugh their butts off and then sing and dance their hearts out to their favorite songs! That would definitely be a tour for the books…”

Monica Recently Revealed She’ll Be Joining Nicki Minaj On Tour

At this time, Katt Williams has not publicly responded to Nicki Minaj’s request. However, one celebrity joining Minaj on her upcoming tour is Monica. As The Shade Room previously reported, the singer revealed the news during her recent appearance on ‘The Jennifer Hudson Show.’

“I get a chance to hit all these cities that mean so much to me. Atlanta, of course, New Orleans, [and] Nashville. We’re coming to every city that we possibly can,” she explained. “I’m really grateful for Nicki because she’s one of those people that always said, ‘Monica meant everything to my childhood.’”

Minaj’s ‘Pink Friday 2’ Tour is expected to kick off on Friday, March 1, and conclude in July.

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