An X user has shared a picture of the food he was served onboard the famed Vande Bharat train, which is going viral on the internet.

“Thank you @AshwiniVaishnaw ji for providing healthy food with no oil and mirch masala on the Vande Bharat train,” the person named Kapil wrote on Twitter, with a picture of the chickpea curry he was served on the train.

It was a rather sarcastic comment on the sad-looking dish. As expected, one user even questioned whether it was praise or a taunt.

Nonetheless, the tweet has gone viral and has garnered over 5 lakh views and over 800 comments at the time of writing this news.

Reacting to it, one person wrote, “Proper protein meal,” to which Kapil replied: “With the daily requirement of water for an adult.”

Another person wondered, “What is this? Boiled chana in panipuri water.”

“First, I thought it was Rassagulla, but when I zoomed in, I noticed it’s chola,” quipped another.

“Even soup has better masala than this,” said another.

Another hillarious reply read, “You got extra water free of cost. Be thankful.”

However, many others slammed the Twitter user for tagging Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw in the tweet.

“The sense of entitlement, that the Union Minister should be tagged for a tasteless dish served on a train. People don’t even tag Kejriwal, who is nothing more than a glorified mayor, for the mounds of filth gathering in his city,” said one.

Another suggested that he should have also tagged the IRCTC in the tweet. “Instead of tagging the minister alone, you could have tagged @IRCTCofficial for the food complaint along with the details of PNR which would have been enough to reprimand the contractor and resolve your issue.”

However, many others shared pictures of delicious food served on the Vande Bharat train to make a point that this is not always the case.

Here are few hillarious replies:

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