Katt Williams went viral in January after spilling the tea on multiple celebrities and comedians during his appearance on ‘Club Shay Shay.’ However, amid his comments, the comedian shared some insight into his personal life and his most important role outside the comedy world.

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Katt Williams Opens Up About Being An Adoptive Father

About an hour and fifty-eight minutes into the’ sitdown, Sharpe asked Williams why he adopted seven kids.

“That’s a lot of kids — for a man that’s as busy as you are, travels as much as you do, [is] on the road as much as you are, spends a lot of time — I mean, it’s not easy. Maybe it just so comes so natural to you… but that’s a lot of responsibility, Katt,” Sharpe told the comedian.

The comedian agreed.

“Right, but if there was a God, what would he think about you if you did that?” Williams responded. “Let’s say, for example, that God is real, and let’s say he be looking at what you do. What would he say if you did that?”

Sharpe explained that God would find actions to be “kind” and “generous.”

Williams then shook his head in agreement.

“My whole life, since I was telling you when I was young, and they was asking me what I wanted to be… I wanted to be God’s friend. That’s a weird thing if you a atheist… but if you believe in God and I tell you that I wanted to be God’s friend… you could understand where I’m at… I got exactly what I was trying to get.”

The Comedian Delves Further Into Parenting Amid Detailing His Thoughts On Marriage

From there, Sharpe reiterated that Williams has at least seven adopted kids. Then, the host asked if the comedian ever plans to get married.

In turn, Williams asked Sharpe to remember when he explained having younger siblings and not knowing what would happen to them after having to leave his home at an early age. From there, he seemingly explained that since things have now gone “full circle” and he is “one of the richest men that ever lived,” why wouldn’t he adopt and care for other children?

“So when it goes full circle, and I’m one of the richest men that ever lived — and I don’t mean — please don’t look at my net worth. [But] what I’m saying is…  when I wake up in the morning, no matter where I am I don’t need nothing. Whatever I need is around me, and whatever I don’t have is only because I don’t have it. It’s not because I can’t get it.

At that point, Williams seemingly explained that because he’s highly favored by God and believes in the power of manifestation, he is careful with his requests regarding dating.

However, he’s not against the idea of getting married.

Here’s What We Know About Katt William’s Children

According to Distractify, Williams has rarely shared glimpses of his life as a family man. However, the outlet reports that the seven children he adopted are the half-siblings of his son, Micah Jr., whom he shares with his Quadirah Locus.

The U.S. Sun reports that Locus was the first woman the comedian ever married.

During his conversation with Sharpe, Williams seemingly confirmed this information.

“You have to understand that all of the kids I’m raising, at this point, they have fathers,” he told Sharpe. “They have a mother. I’m a different person — I’m raising you. And so that needs to be done with the other — respect for the others — that put work in as well.”

Ultimately, Williams explained that “accountability” and responsibility” are among the top things he taught his children.

Check out a rare Instagram post shared by the comedian on January 13, 2023, which features his children.

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