Chris Brown has doubled down on his words against Ruffles after the company denied its involvement in Breezy’s exclusion from the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game.

As The Shade Room previously reported, Brown hopped on Instagram shortly after the match on Friday (February 17).

Chris Brown Calls Out Ruffles Once More After All-Star Game Controversy

In his initial post shared to his Story, the ‘Loyal’ singer claimed that the NBA had removed him from the roster due to certain sponsors taking issue with his participation. Brown mentioned Ruffles as one of the firms who allegedly didn’t want him involved.

That’s when the company issued a statement asserting that they don’t call the shots regarding which players get to play and who don’t.

But never one to back down, Brown stood on business as he addressed the situation again.

“I guess yall trynna save face now!” He wrote. “Stand on business. Don’t try to make it look like I’m trippin. You and the NBA representatives know exactly what yall are doin!”

Brown continued by mentioning how he doesn’t “chase clout” and that there was no reason for him to make up a lie about the company. He believes that the only reason why Ruffles spoke out to clear their name was due to the backlash they received from Brown’s fans.

“The only reason they responded is because of all the team Breezy fans flooding they sh**,” he continued.

“Stop f*****g playing wit me! See how fake this s**t is… cowards. Y’all know damn well I ain’t lying because I never been on this type of time. These b*****s Tryna save face!”

And Brown made sure to tag the official @ruffles account to make it clear who he was addressing.

Ruffles Said It Was Not At Fault For Chris’ Removal From The Game

Shortly after the Grammy winner spoke out about being left out of the NBA All-Star Celebrity game, Ruffles released a statement pertaining to the matter.

“Ruffles sponsored last night’s NBA All-Star Celebrity Game, however we did not have any involvement in, nor visibility to, any player decisions or celebrity invite discussions,” they said.

Brown claimed in his initial Story post that a representative had contacted him to participate in the basketball game.

Brown disclosed his sports gear, date, time, and location in the email he shared on his IG, noting that they approached him to take part first.

However, on the event day, things suddenly changed when the NBA called the Virginia native, formally informing him that he’d been removed from the team.

“I was asked by the NBA to play in the All-Star Game this year! Only for them to call later and say I couldn’t do it because of their sponsors like Ruffle,” he wrote. “At this point, I’m sick of bothering me and I’m tired of living in the f-cking past.”

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