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Image: Eidos Montreal / Kotaku, Microsoft, Blizzard Entertainment / Kotaku, Arrowhead Game Studios / Sony, Marvel / Marvel Studios on X, Wizards of the Coast, Gareth Cattermole (Getty Images), Screenshot: Santa Monica Studio / Kotaku, YouTube, Photo: Patrick T. Fallon / Bloomberg (Getty Images)

This week, after days of swirling rumors and fan speculation, Phil Spencer and other Xbox bigwigs finally pulled back the curtain (a little bit, at least) on what the future holds for the console and the Xbox brand. Sony also hinted at what 2025 will bring for the PlayStation 5 (or at least what it won’t) while Helldivers 2 immediately achieved massive popularity–maybe too much for its own good. We’ve got those and more big stories from the week just waiting for your perusal, so click on!

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