Third-person co-op shooter Helldivers 2 has been rocking PS5 and PC players’ worlds as of late. Featuring intense co-op shootouts and extraction challenges against big bad bugs and robots, Helldivers has a thoroughly satisfying gameplay loop with a difficulty challenge that feels tough, yet masterable. And if you’re looking to get some time in with the game this weekend, you’re in luck. Developer Arrowhead Game Studios is dealing out extra XP for every match for the next couple of days.

Get 50% extra XP and Requisition Slips until February 18

If you want to score some extra xp to level up and Requisition to buy more Stratagems, Arrowhead Games Studios has tacked on an extra 50-percent multiplier after each mission. As indicated in the official post announcing the extra xp and funds, you’ll know it’s in effect when you see “Accounting Corrections” while on your ship.

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