Whew! Baby Tate took to social media to clear the air amid fans accusing her of biting Nicki Minaj‘s style.

On Friday (Feb. 16), the ‘I Am’ rapper popped off on folks flooding her Instagram and X platforms with comparison talks. This isn’t the first time fans have compared the female rappers. However, the talks ramped up in the last week after Tate had a guest spot on ‘From The Block Performance.’

Think NPR’s ‘Tiny Desk,’ but outside, in front of a neighborhood staple. Tate performed an animated version of her track ‘Grip’ from her latest EP while posted outside of a beauty supply store.

After Tate reposted the performance to her Instagram, the comparison talks started in her comment section. She addressed one user who suggested she switch up her looks and mannerisms to curb the comparisons.

“@la_la_ma_75, Nicki Minaj is not the first or LAST person to blink their fcking eyes, tilt their head, or be in a general sense ANIMATED in rap or any other genre. I am a THEATHER GIRL. I am and will forever be animated, silly, goofy, have fun, and fully express that the way I so CHOOSE. If you in your limited mind can only see someone else when I do that, it’s not on me. I’m Baby Tate. PERIOD. thx. toodles.” 

See her response below.

Baby Tate Says She Was Inspired By Nicki Minaj During Earlier Years Of Her Career

Elsewhere in her Instagram comment section, Tate replied to another commentator who suggested Nicki is her inspiration.

@dakiddtimmy wrote, “Girl why you being delusional?? You know you look up to Nicki so who you being shady?? That’s why nobody fwu now!!” 

“@dakiddtimmy eat my d**k I look up to GOD,” Tate responded.

After an X user shared screenshots of Baby Tate’s Instagram clapbacks, the rapper again responded.

“I said wtf I said! I’m fed up with y’all & ur delusional one tracked TINY minds,” she responded.

Another X user, @movebackbug_, challenged the rapper, saying it’s “okay to say [she was] inspired while also implying that it sounds like Tate has an “issue.”

“I did. When I first came out. It’s 2024 & I’m on my 9th year in the game babe. YALL LATE as to who I am and that is not my fault or responsibility to guide you through the education of Baby Tate. Do ur own research, leave me alone!”

Tate Apologizes To Her Fans For Addressing The Comparisons

For context, Tate released her EP, ‘Baby Tate Presents: Sexploration: The Musical‘ in October 2023. Her EP seemed to lean heavily into her theater background all around, from the music to the video concepts and her animated energy. According to Rolling Stone, Tate attended a performing arts school as a child and began making music in her teen years.

The five-track project is meant to depict different sexplorations through musical theater, as seen in each song’s official video.

Following her clapbacks to the comparisons, Tate issued an apology to her fans for engaging in negativity.

“I wanna apologize to my fans for taking the focus off of what matters which is the music. Y’all know I’m a human at the end of the day but the bigger picture is so much more important than being right in a comment. I love y’all for always being by my side regardless.” 

Meanwhile, Nicki hasn’t directly addressed the innanet allegations of Baby Tate biting her style. However, she did hop on Station Head with fans on Friday.

Minaj is getting ready to embark on a world tour for ‘Pink Friday 2,’ starting in March. Earlier this week, the ‘FTCU’ rapper hopped on live with her fan base, the Barbz, and playfully rapped an acapella version of ‘Moment For Life.’

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