Prince Harry is detailing his support for King Charles III amid his health battle.

Nearly two weeks after Buckingham Palace shared the monarch has been diagnosed with cancer, the Duke of Sussex—who has been estranged from the royal family—opened up about visiting his dad.

“I jumped on a plane and went to go see him as soon as I could,” Harry told Good Morning America Feb. 16. “I love my family. The fact that I was able to get on a plane and go and see him and spend any time with him, I’m grateful for that.”

The 39-year-old also agreed that his father’s condition could have a “reunifying effect” on his family.

“Throughout all these families I see it on a day-to-day basis the strength of the family unit coming together,” Harry, who spoke to the outlet on the site of next year’s Invictus Games, added. “I think any illness, any sickness brings families together.”

When asked about the King’s current condition, Harry declined to disclose further details, noting, “That stays between me and him.”

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