Philadelphia, PA, February 15, 2024 –(– Goldenberry Farms® has announced its newly expanded US mixed-origin organic and conventional lime program, featuring expanded growing regions in Meta and Santander, Colombia.

The focus of this multi-origin program is sustainability, and minimizing gaps which can occur from single-origin commodity items.

In addition, the company is launching its “Just in Lime” 2024 campaign to begin marketing unique presentations of both organic and conventional limes to consumers. Goldenberry uses an innovative mesh packaging derived from recycled wood pulp (a completely carbon neutral product) in its bagged presentation, in keeping with the company’s “where good things grow” sustainability mantra.

“Limes grow in all shapes and sizes, but at the grocery store the offering is quite standardized. Consumers in the US are always exposed to a uniform color and size, but mother nature doesn’t work like this. This selection process means that over 40% of the limes which grow in an orchard never make it to the consumer, according to the International Citrus Growers Association. These ‘rejected’ pieces include sweeter varieties, and high-juice limes. Since the demand for limes is so great overall, it makes sense that chefs and consumers would enjoy all shapes and flavors.

“As sustainable grower, we are always trying to offer products with the highest quality and also lowest impact. We are very happy to be now offering organics from multiple origins, which can help to mitigate seasonal gaps and normal seasonal issues. Our growing lineup of fresh items offers multi-origin convenience to buyers and importers with reliability and a shared sustainable focus,” commented Michelle Adlers, product sustainability supervisor.

The demand for limes grows every year. The United States lime market is expected to reach $2.33 billion in 2023, and reach $2.81 billion by 2028. The per capita lime consumption in the United States has increased from 4.1 pounds in 2018 to 4.9 pounds in 2021, an increase of more than 50% since the last decade.**

Supply for the US lime market is primarily dependent on imports, with nearly 1 million metric tons imported in 2021. Mexico accounts for a major share of all US imported lime volume, with nearly 75% in 2021, followed by Chile, Argentina, and Columbia with 10%, 9.8%, and 3.7% shares, respectively.**

Due to Colombia’s varied climates and elevations, as well as close proximity to the US Atlantic and Pacific ports, lime exports nearly doubled in the four-month period of January to April 2022, compared to the same period in 2021, according to government data. In 2021, Colombian farmers harvested more than 257,000 tons of lime from 17,500 hectares of orchards. Investors such as Goldenberry Farms believe that Colombia is positioned to become a major long-term player in the North American lime business.

Goldenberry Farms is a recognized sustainable grower, with a growing network of both wholly-owned and managed farms of tropical fruit in Colombia and the Americas. The company features robust social certifications, including a ZOMAC-accredited growing operation. The company has recently received a “diversity owned vendor” designation in the United States and has always focused on high-value social practices with partners and team members.

Goldenberry Farms imports directly into Miami, Philadelphia, and other global ports of entry.

**Susta Trade Report, 2021-2023

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