Baldur’s Gate 3’s patches are still rolling out six months after Larian’s fantasy RPG launched in August. The game’s sixth big update is on the horizon, and the studio has been teasing details about what fans can expect when it goes live. Here’s everything we know so far about Baldur’s Gate 3’s Patch 6.

New kisses for your lover(s)

Everybody has fallen in love with at least one of Baldur’s Gate 3’s companions. While the game’s big-budget sex scenes are a big draw, you can also just have a nice little smooch with your babe of choice at camp whenever you feel like it. There have been a few updates to existing kisses over the past few months, but Larian is touting entirely new ones for Valentine’s week. These have included a forehead smooch from Halsin, a cute game of hide-and-seek with Shadowheart, and something completely different in tone from both of those with Astarion.

Shep and Gale kiss at camp.

Screenshot: Larian Studios / Kotaku

Larian hasn’t shown off everyone’s new make-out sessions, but it looks like we can expect something new for other party members as well when the patch launches.

Better party management

One of the most annoying things in Baldur’s Gate 3 is party management, which requires you to return to camp to swap out companions. Once you’re there, you have to talk to the character you want to remove before you can add a different person to your team. Patch 6 will streamline this process by letting you remove a party member while talking to the person you want to take with you. It would still be nice if they just let you build your party on the way out of camp so you wouldn’t have to talk to companions to add and dismiss them at all. But we’ll take baby steps.

Some fixed abilities

Larian specifically notes that it has fixed the abilities Shield Bash and Rebuke of the Mighty, which will now correctly trigger Saving Throws that determine if they’re effective or not. This is likely one of many bug fixes that will be included in Patch 6.

Your teammates won’t steal the spotlight

In both of my Baldur’s Gate 3 playthroughs, I was frequently annoyed with how the game would sometimes have one of my party members handle a conversation as opposed to my custom main character. This happened at random times, and not getting to use my protagonist in those conversations felt like it decentered him and the way he had been positioned in the story. Patch 6 will make it so that if a dialogue is triggered automatically through a story beat or questline, the game will default to your custom character over Astarion or Shadowheart. If you want to control one of the other heroes for a scene, relax; this will only apply to automatically triggered scenes.

Shadowheart stares angrily at something off-screen.

Screenshot: Larian Studios / Kotaku

It’s gonna require some hefty hard drive space

According to Larian’s posts on the matter, Patch 6 itself will take up about 21GB of space. Because the patch has to be applied to existing files, it will require 150GB of free hard drive space to install. Larian recommends uninstalling Baldur’s Gate 3 and redownloading the game in its entirety as a workaround to install the game and the patch.

When is Baldur’s Gate 3’s next patch coming out?

Sometime “soon,” according to Larian. But we don’t know much else beyond that. Hopefully, it’s this week. I’d love to see what kind of new smooch I get with Gale for Valentine’s Day. It probably won’t live up to his sex scene, though.

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