In this video, I’ll be sharing my personal story of why I chose to work in the tech industry and my background that led me to it. From my early obsession with the calendar and my ability to find patterns, to my love for math and computer science in high school, I’ll be sharing how my natural inclination for problem-solving and efficiency led me to pursue a career in technology.

I attended Georgia Tech and studied computer science, and I’ll be sharing the perks and benefits that I enjoy as a tech professional. This video is perfect for anyone who is currently interested in this field or is simply curious about my backstory. I’ll be taking you on a journey through my early years, where my obsession with the calendar and my ability to find patterns laid the foundation for my ability to think efficiently. I’ll also be sharing my experience in high school, where I took computer math and AP computer science classes and how it led me to study computer science in college. I’ll also be discussing the benefits and perks that come with working in the tech industry and why I’m still in it.

If you’re interested in my previous videos, I’ve made videos in the past going over all the courses I’ve taken in my bachelors and masters degrees at Georgia Tech and my summer internship, so check those out if you’re curious. I hope that this video can be beneficial to anyone who is considering a career in technology or just wants to learn more about my background and journey.

Additionally, I’ll be discussing the importance of problem solving and efficiency in the tech industry and how my early experiences with the calendar helped shape my approach to solving problems. Overall, this video aims to provide a comprehensive look at my background and why I chose to work in tech, as well as the benefits and perks that come with it. So whether you’re a student considering a career in technology, or just someone who is curious about my backstory, I hope that this video can provide valuable insight and inspiration.

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00:00 Introduction
00:34 How I Got Into Tech
04:22 Consultation
04:51 Perks of Working in Tech

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