DemX Media is proud to announce the Election Exclusive for the 2022 Georgia Midterm Runoff Election! Senator Raphael Warnock received the highest vote count in the general election but did not reach 50% treshold triggering a runoff election! Election Day is tomorrow Tuesday December 6th. If you have not voted and were registered to vote by November 7, you can still vote in the runoff election! Check your voting location and information at! We shocked the world once Georgia. It’s time to do it again! Your Voice Is your Vote so make it known! Let’s #ReelectWarnock, #ExpandtheSenateMajority, and build #OneGeorgia!

#DemXMedia #VoteWarnock #ElectionExclusive #GeorgiaBlue2022 #GeorgiaDemocrats #EquityfortheState #2022GeorgiaMidterms #LetsShocktheWorldAgainGeorgia


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