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00:00 Intro
1:44 – 4:40 Smac is officially a part of ATEOTD, AD almost sheds a tear 
4:50 – Smac x Sharp content coming soon
5:30 – TRells guest Joel who was at the Meet & Greet and felt like he couldn’t get the whole experience + Joel comes on ATEOTD and talks about Meet & Greet 
13:44 – TRell says Gunna confirmed that YSL is a gang and he knows members and knows that members have committed crimes
17:25 – Doknow jokes that Gunna let Black people down like 6ix9ine let Mexicans down 
18:30 – AD talks about Wack saying he never seen Gunna as a street guy, TRell brings up Gunna at a younger age on Crimestoppers 
28:49 – Doknow ask TRell is Meg a snitch, AD talks about knowing Tory was innocent since the beginning, says he never believed the “Dance b*tch” theory 
30:06 – Guys talk about Kelsey testifying at trial and pleading the 5th, also said she didn’t see Tory sh**t the gun 
32:38 – Guys give their opinions on what they think really happened between Tory Meg and Kelsey, TRell agrees that “Dance b*tch” was a lie + TRell and AD describe chain of events starting from Kelsey and Meg at Roc Nation brunch with Tory, Kylie’s party, Tory possibly getting close with Kylie at Party and Meg getting jealous 38:58 – TRell says Meg and Kelsey got out to fight and Kelsey grabbed gun fromTory and caught with him over it leading to shots going off 
44:24 – Sharp comes on and sets the record straight “It’s still No jumper or nothin!” Says “Come holla at us! I’m in ya city!”
45:06 – My Bookie AD 
45:41 – TRell says he’s mad that Akademiks hasn’t mentioned his name 
47:34 – Doknow double downs on the fact that Akademiks was out of pocket for mentioning Lena, says he can’t be cool with someone who resorts to bringing family into it + AD makes it clear that nobody is scared of Akademiks or any internet person, explains Adam isn’t taking a stand against it and is still cool with AK and would probably do content with him 
50:16 – Doknow talks about riding for his homies if they say “f*ck someone”, says when TRell said “F*ck Almighty” he was riding with it 
53:15 – Doknow says sometimes Adam is a little too nice, Josh comments on Akademiks coming after Lena and other females a lot 
55:07 – AD talks about how Adam jokes with friends about Lena being hot etc. says Adam doesn’t care about those type of jokes 
56:37 – TRell says Akademiks definitely is envious of Adam and makes it clear that anyone can get it 
1:00:07 – TRell says f*ck Akademiks for clowning him about 10k views on one of his latest interviews 
1:09:22 – AD recalls No Jumper show and Akademiks 5hr stream where Ak disrespected Adam + TRell says people want to see Adam poke his chest out 
1:12:15 – TRell clowns how Adam was when Kelpy interview went left 
1:22:57 – TRell brings up Lil fizz on twitter
1:38:16 – Smac goes Off on TRell for clowning his friendship with Big Chief 
1:59:27 – AD and Big Chief say new fav restaurant is “Water grill”

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