UERU is pleased to present a virtual town hall conversation on “High-Impact Practices Today: A Focus on Equity,” featuring Dr. George D. Kuh, Founding Director, Senior Scholar, and Co-principal Investigator at the National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment. Joining Dr. Kuh is Dr. Bethany Usher, Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education at George Mason University and 2023-24 President of the Council for Undergraduate Research (CUR). But wait, that’s not all!

The town hall also featured member campuses and highlighted their respective efforts to infuse and integrate high-impact practices into their undergraduate experiences. We are grateful to Dr. Kuh and Dr. Usher, and to colleagues at the University of Arizona, University of Florida, Georgia Tech, University of New Hampshire, and University of South Florida.

But even this is not all. Dr. Kuh and his colleagues at Knack, a 2022 UERU Biennial National Conference Platinum Sponsor, will offer a workshop at the national conference discussing how new technologies can facilitate, specifically, tutoring at scale–something already underway at a number of UERU member campuses (including some of those that are participating in the Aug. 1 town hall).

The emergent Boyer 2030 Commission focus on “the equity/excellence imperative” dovetails with Dr. Kuh’s well-known scholarship. Yet, as UERU members know all too well, among our challenges is how best to scale HIPs for large student populations, and, relatedly, how best to assure equitable experiences for all our students. That’s where technology partners like Knack play a vital role. We offer opportunities to explore.

Please visit ueru.org/recordings for a copy of the slides and handouts referenced in this video.


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