On May 13th, 2022, The Atlanta Police Department’s Air Unit (Phoenix) took to the skies to proactively monitor suspicious activity within the city. At approximately 7:45 PM, Phoenix officers observed the driver of a black Kia Stinger driving recklessly throughout west Atlanta. The driver was observed traveling at high rates of speed, recklessly driving in oncoming lanes, and failing to stop at red lights.

Due to the driving behaviors displayed, Phoenix contacted Georgia State Patrol to attempt a traffic stop on the vehicle. Once the traffic stop was initiated, the driver of the Kia fled from troopers and eventually wrecked in the area of 74 Northside Dr. At that time, the suspect bailed from the vehicle and ran. The suspect driver was observed by the Air Unit team and technology, throwing two firearms as he attempted to hide near a service station.

Phoenix was able to maintain a visual of the suspect and give real-time directional specifics to officers on the ground. The runner was quickly apprehended without further incident. Both firearms were recovered, with one discovered to be fully automatic. Officers also found narcotics in the vehicle. The suspect (later identified as Jonathan Parham, born in 1998) was arrested and charged appropriately by GSP.

The Atlanta Police Department remains thankful for our federal and state law enforcement partners. With your assistance, we continue to make the city safer by removing firearms and holding reckless drivers and other criminals accountable. Job well done!
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