Jason Aldean joins Kelleigh Bannen to discuss his double album, ‘MACON’ and ‘GEORGIA.’ Jason and Kelleigh discuss the importance of a good ear in country music, and Jason explains that some of his favorite records are those that he heard and knew had a place in his albums. This is true for his single, “Your Mama,” written by Tyler Hubbard, that Jason Aldean sings in honor of his son, Memphis. Jason Aldean also expresses his passion for giving back and the two dive into the importance of philanthropy, particularly in country music. Listen to Jason Aldean on Apple Music: https://apple.co/JasonAldeanYT

Country music is a vital space where familiar sounds and traditions are continually evolving into fresh, new forms to tell stories that feel relevant and relatable. Discover Today’s Country: https://apple.co/-TodaysCountry

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