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Trump Has Completely Abandoned His Own Social Media App

Trump Has Completely Abandoned His Own Social Media App

Donald Trump’s much-hyped social media outlet, Truth Social, has now been online for over a month, and the former President hasn’t used it once. He has sent dozens of messages out via his spokesperson on Twitter, along with countless email messages to reporters, but he hasn’t sent out one single “truth” on his own platform. It is no wonder that investors are losing hope in the project, as Farron Cousins explains.

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So it’s been a month since Donald Trump’s truth, social, the much hyped conservative free speech, social media platform launched on February 21st. And as of at least, right this second, Donald Trump has not once posted on his own social media outlet since before the launch. Cause let’s not forget Donald Trump did send out what they call truths, which is their version of tweets right before the launch. But since that day, February 21st radio silence from Donald Trump, he apparently has nothing to say, except of course that he has a lot to say. He has sent out dozens and dozens of statements from his, you know, office of the 45th president, uh, via his spokesperson, Liz Harrington on Twitter. So clearly he has things he wants the public to know about. He just doesn’t want to use his own platform, cuz he’d rather use one that people are actually using. And course he sent out multiple emails to reporters for them to read on the air, to give his opinions on the news of the day.

So why is he not just doing this via his own social media outlet? I mean, that’s yours, dude. You, you pretty much own it. You do own it. Devin Nuez is running it into the ground. Not you’re not even taking advantage of that. So what kind of faith is that instilling in the users who are still waiting to be given access to the site a month later? And the real irony of course, is that not long ago, Donald Trump, according to a report from the daily beast, fuming at his aids, yelling at them because truth social is an object failure. Well dude, part of that’s on you, right? One of the biggest draws of your social media app was that you were gonna be back on social media and you’re not like you don’t even have faith in the product. So why are you mad that other people don’t have faith in it either, right?

You kind of have to lead by example in a situation like that. And he refuses to do it, even though he clearly has a lot to say, but more importantly, a lot of people are losing a lot of money on this website. You see when digital world acquisition group acquired or merged, whatever you want to call it in financial terms. I don’t know. I don’t care when they acquired Donald Trump’s little, you know, media company, when they put all their money in it, their stock digital world acquisition was worth $175 per share today it’s worth below 70. And it continues to go down for the most part. Like on average, even though it has good days and bad days, the average it’s still trending downward. It has lost over a hundred dollars per share in value since they took on Donald Trump’s company. So again, a lot of people are losing a lot of money on this, but Trump doesn’t care because Trump’s not losing any money on it.

You see that’s the beauty of this little spec, the special acquisition company, whatever they came in and gave him all the money said, here’s the money let’s do the thing. So he got his, then of course it goes public. Everybody else can try to get in a piece of it. Marjorie Taylor green, as we know, dumped, I think what 50,000 and dollars into it. And so she’s lost probably tens of thousands of dollars, definitely tens of thousands of dollars. If she bought it at that, you know, expensive 1 75 per share cost. So Hey silver linings, am I right? Folks, she’s losing money on her stock. She’s losing money through her mask fines. But a lot of, of normal people are losing money to, and that I’m not okay with, but at the same time, investments are risk, right? Y’all should have known better. Like what about Donald Trump and his history with businesses outside of real estate made you have faith in this man.

Name one business, again, outside of real estate that Donald Trump has been successful with. They don’t exist. The man sucks at business. He can buy and sell property. Ooh, whoopty do tons of people in the country do that and they make a ton of money and they’re screwing the rest of us over, by the way in the process, when it comes to running an actual business, Trump is very at it and this little truth, social experiment here, that’s already failed a month into the project cuz Trump doesn’t even have faith in it. It’s just the latest in a long line of business failures by the failure of a president.



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